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I’m 69, west coaster, former Democrat now independent, retired lawyer. I gave up on network news years ago, and believe all mainstream news and news reporting is agenda driven. I read Glenn Greenwald, Matt Tiabbi, Bari Weiss and am discovering other Substack contributors. I may not agree with everything said here, but I trust that what is said is coming from a place of integrity which is of upmost importance to me. As far as mainstream print publications, I haven’t given up entirely on the WSJ. The NYT is dead to me, as is the WP.

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well, i have given up (although so far my wife insists on keeping WSJ). just as info - recently i had a back and forth with a WSJ writer who had stated that "the Pfizer vax is FDA approved". i walked this person thru the vax available and used in USA and 'Comirnaty', finally cutting and pasting from FDA WEBSITE to prove my point. NO acknowledgement, NO backing off - it was CLEAR that "marching orders" from WSJ upper management was "let's play along with this 'Pfizer is FDA approved!' charade"

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Yep. A combo of "marching orders" and hubris... inability (unwillingness) to admit fault.

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I quit reading the WSJ when they went full-up VIDEO and that was 20 years ago... they are crap. They fully support the "man-made global warming" agenda.

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Appreciate your thoughts and I agree with you. I wish we could subscribe to the

WSJ editors as they are the credible ones.

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Glen Greenwood is by far the best. One of the last real journalist left.

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Greenwald, not Greenwood

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Yeah.... but he hides MOST of his stuff behind a pay wall.

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I’m not a regular viewer, but I think that Tucker Carlson is the best person in the corporate press. And he receives proportional hate and criticism from the rest of the MSM. Some of Tucker’s economic ideas can be a little iffy, but Schiff has been on a few times, so that is getting better.

I get most of my news from ZeroHedge and then judge the sources on a case-by-case basis.

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Zero Hedge is a great place to get the headlines.... I have my doubts about South Front, but a lot of the posts on ZH at least provide "thought for food" as that liberal traitor Steven Colbert is so fond of saying.

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Tucker's an intel brat; be careful he's controlled. Background him and his father

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1. Mostly podcast - (Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew, Clay Travis, Ryen Russillo, on TV I will watch Will Cain, Greg Gutfeld (he's funny) and Tucker Carlson

2. QTR and Brian Westbury (First Trust) and the Club Pro Guy (he's hit a lot of hot topics)

3. Joe Rogan and brian westbury

4. Will Cain and Joe rogan

Honestly I'm done with most media all together (also 90% of our politicians). For years it has become more and more negative and depressing. Sports used to be a great outlet - but that has even got politicized. If it was not for sports betting - i would probably just cancel TV all together. But i need something to do in the winter.

I have an intelligent network of friends and colleagues that we share articles and news that we find relevant. But mostly make fun of the 98% of the news that is printed because it makes very little sense.

I live in Iowa where life has been pretty much normal during the past 2 years. I have traveled to all parts of the country and saw how F'ed up the rest of the country has handled this virus.

I have never stopped going to work (actually into the office), have been on about 70 flights the past 2 years, been on multiple vacations, my daughter has gone to in person school (minus a 6 week stretch in the spring of 20), we go out all the time and socialize (no one wears a mask). None of us have got sick.

I am not a denying that there is a virus that attacks the fat and old people (which we knew early on)..........so what does the government and media do "Stay home for months and months. We will send you money to buy Doritos and Mt Dew" They should have been saying "Eat healthier and get your ass on a treadmill"

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I would be interested to know the age stratification amongst the readers who are not getting their news from traditional sources. I'm 44, and although I grew up with mainstream press, I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago, Besides Rogan, most of my info comes from Glenn Greenwald, Breaking Points with Krystal & Saagar, Matt Taibbi, Daily Wire, Tucker, Whitlock, & Scoon. The Wall Street Journal is the only traditional news source I still read. All the other big networks and papers, I just can't watch or read it any more.

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Before I was let go for not getting the jab I was the Research Director at local TV news station. I’d say you are right at that cutoff point. 45+ still watches linear news, but for 35 and under it’s basically all digital platforms at this point. This is partly why the censorship on content aggregators like Twitter and YouTube has been so devastating. The good news is the pivot from digital to digital has considerably less friction than analog to digital. IMO that will force digital native platforms to start making better content. Cable news networks are toast.

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I'm 59. Pretty much TOTALLY ONLINE for news coverage. Articles and essays over videos and audio - though I make exceptions. NEVER listen to talk radio anymore. Haven't watched the Sunday Morning News/Interview programs in YEARS. Also... I use my LIBRARY CARD and also PURCHASE a lot of BOOKS to read.

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I’m 60 and I have completely stopped watching/reading corporate media. Glenn Greenwald and Bari Weiss are as close to objective reporting as you can get; not that I always agree as I definitely trend conservative-libertarian. I try to consume a wide variety of alternative media sources in hopes that each sources biases will cancel each other out and give me a wider range of information, interpretations and opinion from which I can derive my own thoughts and opinion. I don’t trust anything published by the corporate media—it is all propaganda.

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i'm right there with you on almost all of these, at age 33. my beef with Breaking Points is that is quite editorialized, but the duality of the opinions makes it worthwhile, and more importantly, they dissect each news story rather thoroughly. and that I think there in lies the key to navigating today's media: in a world where limited-character-Twitter is the biggest source of news delivery, the alternative has to be doing deep dives into individual topics and events.

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Twitter???? you have to be joking

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59 and just retired, if that helps you out.

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49, been a public school English teacher for 25 years, Bronx.

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I watch literally nothing on traditional TV at this point, aside from NFL games on Sunday. For Libertarian views on current events I recommend YoungRippa59 (YouTube/Odysee). For jab stuff I read Alex Berenson’s Substack. For general political coverage Glenn Greenwald’s Substack. For (surprisingly centered) current events commentary lately I like Russell Brand’s YouTube channel, and I never would have thought that after all his wealth redistribution stuff from a few years back. Finance: I kinda just keep it to the “lunatics.”

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I never watch videos or listen to podcasts. The exchange of one minute of real time for one minute of content I find too wasteful. I know many who work similarly. It is why I urge all podcasters/video producers to always make a transcript. Even if autogenerated, it is still usually good enough.

As far as media, Tucker Carlson can be on point, and posts transcripts of his better pieces in near real time. Clay Travis/Buck Sexton have the best of the radio stuff going and post transcripts of their better pieces in near real time. (I seldom learn anything that I have not already gleaned from elsewhere from these kinds of shows, but their perspective is often entertaining.)

I scan the WSJ, the New York Post, and the Daily Mail regularly. The UK content on US news is often far superior to the US reporting.

For sports: Outkick and local coverage

Substacks have become sources of some of the best information. Some of those to which I subscribe include:

General/topical conversations: Glenn Greenwald, Bari Weiss, Mike Solano/Pirate Wires, The Opus Letter, Zero Hedge, Shapiro/Daily Wire,

Medical conversations (esp. COVID, where I spend considerable time): Alex Berenson, El Gato Malo/boriquagato, Steve Kirsch, Eugyppius, Rational Ground.

Legal Analysis: Aaron Siri, Jeff Childers/Coffeeandcovid. (Not Substack, but also useful: vivabarneslaw. )

Always sampling broadly. There are many new sites appearing regularly that are refreshingly good. The entire waterfront is changing for the better. It cannot happen fast enough.

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Absolutely my thinking! I can read much faster and also concentrate much better on written texts than on audio or even worse video (what is the point to look at peoples face for hours on end while they talk?). You can scan the text, get to the main points, skip sections etc. I am sure a lot of people feel the same. So yes, please, there should be transcripts all the time (also for the QTR podcast, I miss out on it currently).

As for media, Zero Hedge does a very good job of pulling information together. For main stream I follow Epoch Times (they are not quite main stream but include "normal" news as well).

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For the purposes of compiling sources, I should have listed Epoch Times in my list as well. I scan it daily. Sort of an odd assortment of news and features, but often good content in spots.

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god the Epoch times is so predictable... i would not consider them a reliable source for anything.

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You're all coming out of the woodwork now - This is giving me more impetus to either transcribe our podcasts, or at the very least write long form pieces based on the key points.

I think my biggest problem is not spending enough time promoting, but I'm told if you build it they will come!

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Not sure if writing additional long form is the solution. If you are a podcast guy, you are a podcast guy, so stick to this. At least for english there must be automated tools to generate a transcript, so the only real work left would be to maybe structure it a bit. But that is probably not needed. Most interesting podcasts are basically interviews / multiple people talking a topic (at least this is what I think, or are there relevant people out there that actually give a monologue into a microphone?). Anyway, this is a very easy read and can also be glanced over very nicely without any additional work from the creator.

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My experience with the automated transcripts is that they are pretty awful but its been about a year since I tried one.

The flow of a conversation (different from an interview) is often very difficult to get across in a transcript.

I'm going to give it a go though and see how much tidying it would need to be useful.

Ours is my brother and I chatting and discussing. So it might not suit our format. Worth a go though

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Need to also add Vinay Prasad's writing (he has a substack) on health. He is a hematologist (we are great guys!) pretty far left (which shows that health care should not be political care) from UCSF who started out trying to tell the truth while respecting The Narrative but who has gotten increasingly strident about how we are all being had. He is entertaining and also to the point. Just started Substacking (has been writing for Medscape for a while) but his stuff is good.

Also should mention Brownstone.org. They have come out of nowhere and have a remarkable succession of useful writing on COVID especially but a smattering of other topics. Have the GBD authors as regular contributors.

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Thanks. I just bookmarked Brownstone.org

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Very interesting that you don't consume long form audio.

I and I'm sure many others have converted to this form away from corporate media over a period of years.

I have, in fact, almost completely stopped writing articles in favour of broadcasting through my podcast.

Always interesting to hear people's reasons though and I totally get the notion that it's inefficient. But I do believe you gain more than you lose, and most podcast consumers will do other things at the same time (drive, walk the dog, fold the washing etc).

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Nic, it is why I generally try to make that point. I use my driving time to get phone calls done and have no dog...lol.

The long form audio and video consumers (and even more so, creators) really relate to that stuff and I think it is great. Everyone learns differently. But the creators often get enamored enough that they do not recognize that many of us will never use that format. I hate to miss such good content which is why I posted my thoughts.

Getting a transcription for each long form audio/video allows all of us to participate in the thought exchange. Otherwise, you can assume you are cutting your audience by a substantial amount.

But thanks for noticing. It seems to be really hard to get traction on this point that seems so obvious to me...lol.

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Have you tried listening to podcasts or other long form audio at 1.5x speed? Not the best option if you're listening to someone like Ben Shapiro, but I find that it works well for other podcasts.

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I have tried at 2x speed for that matter. Why should I sit there doing nothing but listening when I could be doing many things (reading multiple feeds, talking on the phone, writing something) at once instead? It is why the dedicated "you must pay strict attention to my words one by one as I put them out there" formats (video, audio) work poorly for me. I love the theater, but when I go I am immersed and do nothing else. OK for three hours once a quarter, but not for daily consumption.

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I love that you can't help but multitask. I am getting a sense of your personality and work ethic already.

One thing I would point out is that you can speed up podcast playback. I find that can be very handy to cram more in.

I also very much agree with the idea that people learn in different ways. Audio, visual, practical etc. When I am training I try to ascertain what works best for my staff and that can take time to figure out.

I think for me and my brother on our podcast and blog, we are stretched for time as its not our day job. The pyramid of content approach, as well as accessibility in multiple forms is a no brainer as far as I'm concerned.

You're very welcome. I ignore mainstream opinion and home in on the fringe view as I think there is generally something to learn there.

You've made me want to take more time producing text from our audio, even if it just gets a small number of additional people consuming.

Bookmark soundingboard.com and hopefully we will have some transcripts for you soon.

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OK, have done so. Waiting with bated breath!

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I appreciate the request for feedback. It is refreshing to see!

What mainstream pundits (on TV, cable news), if any, do you still trust? > Absolutely nobody on any mainstream news station (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ETC.) IMO should be trusted. They ALL lie, distort, manipulate, and are full of misguided, inappropriate, and led by the nose agendas.

What publications and authors do you read in major newspapers, if any? > ZERO and plan on keeping it that way, for now anyway.

What websites and YouTube channels do you find provide objective looks at the truth without editorialization or an agenda? > You can toss YouTube in with the mainstream media for the most part, but I do have some websites I follow and trust to a degree (see below)

1. mishtalk.com - Mish Shedlock has been around for a long time, and is very honest and trustworthy IMO. Hi leans towards economics, which I like to follow for many reasons, but I highly recommend him for his knowledge, array of topics, common sense (very much lacking today) and easy and enjoyable reading.

2. The Dan Bongino Show - Dan has been around for a while, and is a great writer/facts guru. While he can be abrasive at times, I have found him through the years as totally trustworthy, a ton of common sense, very smart and articulate, and not afraid to stand up for truth and justice. You know the (old) American way! You usually walk away much more informed, and relieved that you took the time for the read.

3. The Greg Gutfeld show - can I just say, this is one of the funniest and well done comedy shows on TV Period! I laugh out loud several times each and every show. He is well rounded, has a fantastic group of guest and the regulars are excellent. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Dr. Steve Turley - He is one of the most down to earth, plain speaking voices you will hear. He can be fun, entertaining, serious, well read and factual in his shows. A pleasure to watch, as he feels like a friend when speaking to you with his calm demeanor. I very much enjoy his shows, and I think you would as well.

5. Tim Pool - I like and respect his opinions, as they are well rounded, and researched from what I can tell. He does flow of topic, but that is him, and he doesn’t waste your time doing so, as he gets right back on topic quickly. I find it refreshing at times to be honest. I am fairly new to his show, but enjoy it a lot so far and you might too, so give it a shot.

Who do you feel “comes by it honestly” when trying to report all angles of current events, not just the angles that are convenient for the person reporting it? (See above)

Thank you for the time,


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Thank YOU for your time, Stu.

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My pleasure, and out of curiosity, are you going to post a list or your picks of replies concerning websites and/or sources people respond with. I am, as I am sure others are, always looking for a new site to review and perhaps follow.

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I didn't plan on it, but it's a great suggestion - so maybe I will. Or I'll discuss during an upcoming podcast.

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yes, please do.

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Yes, that would be quite nice. And actually it is an interesting topic regarding fragmentation/diversity of media vs. concentration/monopolization. From what I see so far the choices are not so broad as one would expect, looks like we are a bit in our own bubble ...

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I posted my bookmarks. They're the foundation of my daily news browsing. I hope you and others find them worth reviewing.

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funny, nobody here says, " I read BOOKS." Interesting.

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I do! I never could follow video as well I always look for a transcript...

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Hello, I'm from Canada, 65 yrs old retired from family manufacturing business. I still read trade publications such as Canadian Manufacturing, Stainless Steel World, Ktico and London Metals Exchange.

I regularly read the National Post in Canada and have been for a few years going back to print. My favourite author is Rex Murphy - great sense of humour and good writing. I like to read Conrad Black's articles, he's a good writer and I often need a dictionary when reading his pieces. He also writes for the Epoch Times. Comments section is usually good at the NP. I sometimes read the Toronto Sun and Rebel News. Internationally: Daily Mail Online, Sydney Morning Herald or I will look for local papers in parts of the world I'm interested in.

I fairly regularly watch Russell Brand on Youtube, he's also funny and I think quite straight forward. He also ALWAYS quotes, even reads from, references. I often find his guests interesting and informative.

I haven't watched TV in about 25 years and hardly ever go to legacy media websites. In Canada on occasion, hardly ever for the big news networks except perhaps for their financial pages.

I religiously read zerohedge, which you've already mentioned including comments.

I quite often watch JP Sears on youtube and read Babylon Bee - both deliver great content in a satirical manner which I appreciate.

I like the authors on substack as you can see: Alex Berenson, Eugyppius, Bad Cattitude, Douglas Farrow, Robert Malone, Glenn Greenwald. I've read Whitney Webb and have always liked her articles; great research. I think these writers are all fairly objective, especially Eugyppius, Bad Cattitude and Douglas Farrow. No opinion on the ones I didn't name other than I trust their writing and opinions. Dr. Malone is an expert in his field and comes across as circumspect and pedantic.

For financial info, I'm not an expert so pretty much have gone for the best know websites: investopedia and motley fool. I've learned a lot from my new sources including zerohedge and QTR and I thank you for it.

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I'm going to second this, I also find the National Post to have the most intelligent and unbiased discussions currently, out of all mainstream media. Colby Cosh is my favorite writer there.

On Substack, outside of QTR I enjoy reading Adam Tooze, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, and Spencer Ackerman. And for some entertaining financial news, Matt Levine's daily newsletter is hilarious.

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To clarify: bad cattitude is also know as El Gato Malo/boriquagato on substack.

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I really enjoy Grant Williams’s material. Things that make you go hmmmm

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I don’t watch or listen to corporate media anymore. I’ve found many credible, independent-thinking writers on Substack, including Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, and Bari Weiss for politics, and Tim Pool’s podcast, along with all of The Daily Wire’s hosts. For covid writing, I like El Gato Malo, Alex Berenson, Robert Malone and Bret Weinstein’s podcast. For “woke” skewering I like James Lindsay’s New Discourses and Benjamin Boyce’s podcast. I read Abigail Shrier for her take on the politics of transgender activism. I like Tucker Carlson but don’t watch him regularly because I don’t want to support Fox News.

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That's amazing traffic - nice work.

For one and two, those are both a negative. Corporate Media is so far gone that it's laughable. My liberal boomer mother still gets the NY Times, basically for the crossword and the styles section. She was born in 1947. You know it's bad when she sees it.

3. I go to Zerohedge, Jason Whitlock's youtube, voxday.net, Karl Denninger's Market Ticker, Greenwald, Michael Tracey, and Matt Taibbi's substack pages, and ScoonTV. Other than those, I check out many of the same stock / finance sites you reference regularly.

4. Glenn Greenwald is the person who I see as reporting on current / political events honestly - he's heading the list. Whitlock and Curtis Scoon, and in the finance world I see Tony Greer as a truth teller - particularly in this era of Stupid19, where Karen seems to make many men afraid to mention the hoaxery that is right in front of their faces. Greer (and the others), don't care what Karen thinks, and this sets them apart.

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To Answer your first question:

1: NO! after the last 3 year ( even before CV19), i will never trust the MSSM ( Main Stream State Media) again. They will start backpedaling away from this new variant, but only to move forward on a new “crisis”

2: The newspaper are in the same boat as the MSSM. I’m glad there going extinct. There opt pieces & front page coverage, has been pure and straight propaganda the last two years. Good riddance. I do have a like to read books in certain authors, like: the 4th turning, Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept.

3: i watch some peter schiff, George gammon. I get good outside the box thinking from Tom Luongo, Grant Williams, a little bit from CRP. But the person i get the best critical thinking from, on everything from Financial,Geo political, and economic advice, hands downs… TFM. The monkey been right on everything the past 2+ years. Even call it Omicron, back around mid November. Easily best pay subscription i have. He on every online platform, but hard to find. He get ban early and often, and Is not for everybody’s palette.

4: probably your most difficult question to answer. Honest news coverage is a rare commodity. I go to my multiple sources( most of the names I’ve mentioned above) and try to fine commonality on what what there talking about. I try my best not to get stuck in the echo chamber of listening to things that I already believe to be true, but that is also difficult.

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The Rubin Report



Jordan Peterson

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Frequent listener and reader here.... thanks for challenging the narrative. I find local news shows that have longer discussion formats about current events do a much better job in providing a dialog and different points of view.

They still can be a bit biased depending on the reporter and story. Much better than the 6 o clock news.

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In addition to Epsilon Theory, Bill Fleckenstein, who calls CNBC "Bubblevision." I have to read a lot, tho I wonder about ZH especially the posters who are really ugly. Is mortality 18-64 in Indiana really up whatever is reported? I can't force myself to believe that there was a massive conspiracy to elect Biden when he got 7 million more votes; are the GOP people elected by those same voters illegitimate as well?

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Wall Street journal is pretty good but that’s about it

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Ben Shapiro (The Daily Wire) consistently does a great job of providing information, while editorializing on the hypocrisy of MSM and politicians. Here’s just one sample:


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Because Joe Rogan is a comedian, a former MMA fighter and independent of capitalism’s corruption thanks to Spotify, he was able to have Robert Malone present his case for questioning vaccine safety and long-term efficacy and Dr. Peter McCollough to explain why 500,000 Americans died needlessly because early treatment was denied to push vaccines. If you read Alex Berenson’s Unreported Truths blog reporting on scientific data about Covid and vaccines and looking at VAERS deaths and injuries reported by Bret Weinstein on the Dark Horse podcast, you would easily realize that the medical rulers were not using science and reason, but political science and power control to guide their decisions for rest of us.

But if you are trying to gain insights of this whole mainstream corruption based on science, logic and reason, you would still be left believing the press and rich people are just greedy, arrogant and smart, but so stupid about sustaining a social order that they can control. To make more sense of it all, you probably have to go to the “real” fringe. If you go to Clif High’s Half Past Human Webbot, you get a much broader perspective on Covid, the real rulers of the world, hard money perspectives as well as some reasons for out of this world ideas recently supported by US military disclosure of UAF’s—-ours and not ours based on physics that has been hidden and history that has been covered up and distorted. Now, Clif does support Trump’s assertion of stolen elections, Q, hard money like cryptos (Clif predicted Bitcoin from his early linguistic programming search engines and got in very early) and some very powerful group of people here and not here that have destroyed proof of our history to control humanity. Clif has pointed to Fomenko’s History: Fiction or Sciece? to show maybe a 1,000 years of missing history and Boscovitch’s A Theory of Natural Philosophy to consider that the aether not quantum particles is the true physics. Whatever may seem crazy to you about Clif’s perspectives, Clif High’s computer programming experiences looking for anomalies in language and data and doing research into old data texts like encyclopedias from early 19th century, has provided me and a lot of other people a much broader perspective on the global mess.

Now, if you look at Clif High being a very smart military brat having been educated in Europe and reading his father’s military books from War College in Kansas—- not much to do in Kansas :)))—- you realize that he has some background in the art and rules of war. Whether you believe it, Clif is saying that we are at war with elites and CCP and have been attacked by the bioweapon spike protein on Covid and in vaccines. Clif believes there are military and other individuals that have been planning for continuity of government in case president and top leaders came under control of outside forces— human and nonhuman—-since 1947 according to War College readings on military planning read by Clif back in late 1960’s.

Now, whether you can accept Clif’s perspectives is up to you, but to not include these much broader perspectives in your thinking may limit how well that you can predict what is going on and what could happen. At some level in this multilevel multidimensional chess game, we are all caught in what Clif calls the “Woo” of the hidden and unknown in the fog of war. Clif has said that military people, especially the Navy guys, are trained to make decisions with imperfect data during very stressful situations. We are in this very stressful fog of war situation now—- as Clif says discovery is constantly required in Woo of war because decisions and predictions only work until they do not. Welcome to the Woo :)))!

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I second Clif High ... but warn caution for those unprepared.

I view him (binge watching late at night when I'm more restive, open and stable) and I've come to appreciate him as a source of information but also entertainment. I find him super smart but often wrong in hindsight (makes sense as he is predicting vast quantities of things in real time a la Nostradamus), self-deprecating but also proud/defiant ... he seems caring, honest and a decent person - he makes me think, laugh sometimes ... he's definitely way out there though - so any normie-ness left in you will be challenged and upset (I like him and regularly still shake my head, laugh and mutter man, you are one crazy dude:-)

Do NOT watch him if you are in a tense, paranoid state as it may not do you well in that condition.

I would not have been prepared (mentally/physically/emotionally) to watch him 2-3 years ago ... I actually watched a David Icke video on April 17, 2020 - blew my mind BUT it was in the early Covid period and my personal condition was mental confusion, emotional disturbance (like most everyone else in normie land) ... that night, middle of the night I went to the bathroom and on the way back passed out, crashed my face to the floor and concussed myself (was in bed for a week in recovery).

That was the last day I watched broadcast TV and I can't imagine going back.

The point of bringing up the David Icke video I watched (and what happened to me) is not to vouch for him ... rather, I was NOT prepared for that level of "creativity" and outside the box thinking (what normies would call crazy talk) ... and Icke has a much harder edge than Clif High ... they are both kind of crazy in the normie sense of the world - but it helps me to view them as sci-fi artists and entertainers (acknowledging that there is a lot of truth, knowledge and even fact in entertainment) so that is not a knock on either of them.

In summary, Clif High has for me filled in a role of entertainment (I used to enjoy the Ancient Aliens series in the same role 4-5 years ago, early Covid I was also consuming history videos and also Jordan Peterson lectures - imagine my surprise to find that he didn't seem as bad as the media had portrayed him ... lol).

And remember, my use of entertainment is not denigration - and as crazy as they may seem ... I've seen jokes/memes around along the lines of "Many Conspiracy Theories need to be renamed as Coming Attractions" :-)

Speaking of coming attractions (and the "truth" of entertainment) ... watched the 2004 movie Idiocracy with my kids the other day and even the most immature of them was like ... "Hey, this is what Corona is like" ... the movie was hilarious but scary ... Brawndo !!!

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MSM doesn't need to be profitable because they are owned by billionaires, you've heard of "Loss Leaders?" Those are products stores will sell so cheaply they lose money on in order to get a lot of people into the store. MSM are Loss Leaders to billionaires, I mean look at The Intercept which pays huge salaries to people who do little and therefore they can't make much money or are probably losing money, but it gives a big outlet for the agenda of a billionaire. We should understand that the pandemic is different than earlier MSM agendas/propaganda/lying. The goal of the phony pandemic is to change society, to change the way people do business, to change how society interacts--from chaos to controlled, from anonymity to constant surveillance and control through an internal passport similar to how China treats its citizens with its Social Credit System where everyone has to carry a passport which they need to buy anything, go anywhere, etc.

If the result of the emergency is a passport; and if we can reasonably accept that this was planned before the pandemic, then we need to figure out why do they want the passport? Possible reasons:

1. Everyone gets monitored all the time.

2. An excuse for vaccination updates, forever, to make money.

The second one seems unlikely. A worldwide acceptance of the passport just to benefit some people financially? The desire for a centralized database of everyone or at least of as many as possible, is more reasonable to believe as something which would get leaders from all over the world to go along with it. Why?

As migrants have flooded into the wealthier western nations and elsewhere, so has street crime and organized crime increased tremendously.

Organized crime is becoming a bigger and bigger problem as crime syndicates from all over the world send more and more gangsters out into the wider world. Not just into Europe and North America, but into India, South America, Australia, Africa, and all over Asia.

It is a big problem for banks and corporations because crime syndicates have become very sophisticated. They use ex-security services, ex-bankers, and so on, thereby having the expertise to successfully pull-off massive crimes all the time. Ordinary street crime is also fast increasing in all the favorite places for the rich to hang out in–making what used to be a fun night on the town into a danger. Crime syndicates have greatly increased kidnapping of wealthy people. With millions of dollars criminal syndicates corrupt government officials and security services at all levels more and more. As the economic forecast is worse and worse for the middle and lower classes, that will push a lot more people into working for crime syndicates because of desperation just to support their family.

All of this is seen as a big problem that is going to get worse and worse for the wealthy. Making life for the rich and the aristocracy, who are just trying to have fun, into a life of constant fear needing a constant threat assessment.

The way to solve their anxiety is clear: force everyone to have an internal passport that can be tracked and turned on and off by artificial intelligence specially designed to look for threats. Your travel, shopping, buying or renting property, and so on, can be monitored by artificial intelligence and shut down if you are seen as a threat. They will force everyone to connect their bank accounts, which of course means they need to abolish paper money so people cannot avoid being monitored.

This is all about making rich people feel safe, making it so they do not have to fear being robbed or kidnapped or killed by organized crime and street thugs practically everywhere they go.

This means leaders from all countries need go along with the plan to essentially make the world a surveillance state–and we see many leaders both corporate and political are willing and able to do just that. The elite cabal behind the plan is trying to control the media and internet as much as possible because the pandemic is the excuse they need to create the passport.

Why are those countries who are not on good terms with western nations seemingly going along with the pandemic hysteria? Maybe, for example, Russia and China see religious fundamentalism and organized crime as a long time major threat that can be dealt with better than they are dealing with it now, by a worldwide surveillance regime.

If that is the plan, how do they get so many political leaders around the world to go along with it? Carrots and sticks. Most political leaders can be threatened or bought off in various ways. For example: many wealthy people, including political people hide money in tax havens thinking their money will be hidden and safe. What they may not know is that all those “tax havens” are not as safe as they wish. Therefore maybe they are threatened to have their illegal banking exposed if they don’t go along with the plan. And that is just one way to threaten political leaders into obeying. And remember, the full plan is not told to them, the cabal tells average political people (mayors, governors, congress, senate) the same story of a medical emergency as they do to everyone else.

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I respect Tucker's work and his fight to stay mainstream relevant but I do not watch him because he is at Fox and I won't give them my time. Same can be said for Maria Bartiromo, she's great but still at Fox. MSM is dead to me. I can barely read any print media because I can sniff out the bias/propaganda immediately and it's revolting to me. I get my "news" by reading headlines mostly on CFP and Breitbart (I miss the old Brietbart format), digging deeper on topics thru Revolver, Conservative Treehouse, American Thinker, (I wish we could clone thinkers like Victor Davis Hanson and Thomas Sowell,) zerohedge, watching Steve Bannon to bring myself up to speed on election integrity and China (Raheem Kassam does great work) also following Epoch Times for International headlines (Joshua Phillips.) I watch Joe Rogan for thought provoking interviews, Jordan Peterson for logic, also Neil Oliver for his logic and cool accent, Russell Brand to hear his latest rant and for comic relief. I am new to substack but interested in Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch for real data on covid/vaccines/science. All listed help keep me sane and remind me I'm not alone. But it's become more and more difficult to even want to engage because of the overwhelming messaging and the suspension of logic required to participate in this mad world.

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Russell Brand is worth listening to on YT

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The problem is... "listening." Listening and watching. I'm a WORDS guy. Much quicker to READ... AND... I can cut and paste so as to separate the wheat from the chaff when SHARING important information.

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Marty armstrong's blog is required daily reading. His forecasts have been spot on for years.


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Now bookmarked. Thanks.

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I'm transitioning to Rumble, Gettr, and Substack... I read Glen Greenwald regularly and listen to Rogan. I read the Daily Wire, and I enjoy the NY Post, but my favorite opinions are from the Wall Street Journal editorial pages, especially Kimberly Strassel. I like that the newswriters battled the opinion pages last year, trying to force changes - but the conservative opinion writers held their position and continue to stick to the truth.

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Jan 4, 2022·edited Jan 4, 2022

On Substack, the following:

1) For general news: Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald

2) For health news: Eugyppius, Steve Kirsch, Alex Berenson, El Gato Malo

On Youtube, Odysee, Rokfin and Rumble: Chris Martenson, Jimmy Dore, Theo Von, Bret Weinstein, Russell Brand, Whitney Webb

On Spotify: Joe Rogan

Newspapers: Epoch Times

Independent news sites: Infowars, ZeroHedge, Gateway Pundit

Just for context, my sources of information up to about four years ago were almost exclusively The New York Times, Financial Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Used to subscribe (and for a long time) to all of them. Used to.

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I'm 66 and a former Conservative Republican but now Libertarian. On Substack, I follow Steve Kirsch, Glenn Greenwald, and Alex Berenson. Also on his own through Patreon is James Howard Kunstler who is very good. The only MSM personality is Tucker Carlson who can be a little over the top but is generally not wrong when he digs into a subject. Joe Rogan is maybe the best for raw information dumps. He creates an atmosphere of dialogue. I like that very much regardless of anyone's position or bias. Occasionally the WSJ Op Ed section but that's about it for MSM. My master list every morning starts with ZeroHedge and takes off from there. Thanks.

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Jan 5, 2022·edited Jan 5, 2022

This is how the internet is suppose to function, its a tool which derived out of Information Technology and when people are so fixated to "Fake it till you make it" entire societies were taken into the cognitive dissonance phrase which we are in. I would blame it on the our educational institutions which only sold certifications but not knowledge, the corruption in government and crony capitalism. In any case its all for the best, its a good fight and keep it ongoing. Spread the word far and wide and build your own truth communities and hopefully awaken as many of the tribe.


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Matt Tiabbi is a fantastic journalist who did a multi year investigation on the banking crisis of 2008.

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1) Victor Davis Hanson - amgreatness.com

2) John Whitehead - Rutherford Institute

3) Kunstler.com - Clusterfuck Nation

4) Kerry Cassidy - Project Camelot

5) Clif High

6) Art Bell

7) Rush Limbaugh

8) Darren Beattie - revolver.news

9) Greenwald - Substack

10) Tucker Carlson

11) Charles Hurt - Washington Times

12) Paul Craig Roberts

13) Dave Rubin

14) Alex Neuman

15) Alex Berenson (covid articles)

16) Taibi (journalist)


Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. David Martin

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I subscribe to Grant Williams, bother his podcast and monthly newsletter, "Things that make you go Hmmm".

Doomberg is excellent, especially since he is a green chicken with a Bloomberg teimal.

George Friedman for Geopolitics.

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I offer my humble and biased suggestions. Perhaps you could make a database. As you can see, I did take your request seriously.

1. For financial issues: Marc Friedrich (a German), Max Otte, and Markus Krall, have some of their presentations in English. Otherwise I subscribe to Mark E. Jeftovic's Cryptocapitalist. In addition: Robert Breedlove, Michael Saylor, Raoul Pal, Jack Mallers, What Bitcoin Did website, Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum).

2. For cultural issues: Roland Tichy in Munich and Gunnar Kaiser are excellent but their discussions are usually in German. Of course you can't overlook Joe Rogan who is willing to give Drs. Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, and Pierre Kory [https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/10/26/joe_rogan_says_dr_pierre_kory_treated_200_members_of_congress_with_ivermectin.html] time to present the information that they have.

Jordan Peterson, Anthony Pompliano, and Jocko Willink.

3. For humor and irony: Sky News Australia looks at American politics and they are often in disbelief that our system is so dysfunctional.

4. For medical information: Drs. Jason Fung, Paul Saladino, Shawn Baker, Rhonda Patrick, and John Campbell. Low Carb Down Under website, Prof. William Campbell (Ivermectin story), Prof. Jay Bhattacharya (The Great Barrington Declaration), Mike Mutzel (High Intensity Health), Dr. Vinay Prasad (MD, MPH), Dr. Vladimir Zelensky, Dr. Dale Bredesen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QzttAUKcfw The anti-Alzheimer’s diet.

For trends: Ray Dalio, Jay Martin (Cambridge House Canada), Lex Fridman, Bret Weinstein,

For combining strength with nutrition:

Robert Orion Sikes (Keto Savage). When I was young, obesity and diabetes was rare. Then came the "Nutritional Guidelines" which were high carb, low saturated fat, highly processed, extremely palatable, and contained seed oils.

Adam Sinicki (Bioneer), Dan (More Plates More Dates), Thomas DeLauer, and Mark Bell, Eric Helms PhD (Stronger by Science).

For building a home gym: Garage Gym Gainz, Garage Gym Reviews, Gluck's Gym, and Elk Shape (hunter and strength trainer for his friends)

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A lot of my favorite writers/reporters have moved to Substack. Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Alex Berenson etc. I also like C.J. Hopkins whom I think is still on his on website bur republished many other places. I avoid almost all mainstream media when possible.

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My reading has actually shifted massively to substack in a surprisingly short space of time. I think the first person I subscribed to was Alex Berenson after his Organ appearance and now I subscribe to more than 10 different people. Its mainly Berenson, Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, and one of my favourite: Eugyppius

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https://svarajasthan.net/CRC/21.06.26x_KickassIndepNews.pdf of course this is only a partial list; there are so many wonderful citizen journalists these days!

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Tessa Lena, Monica Hughes, Charles Eisenstein...

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Glen Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Sharyll Atkisson, Brownstone Org, Off Guardian, Zerohedge, A.E.I.R.....many on substack such as El Gato, Eugyppius, Bari Weiss, Heather Heying, Mathew Crawford, Alex Berenson, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Jessica Rose...and more

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The Survival Podcast. www.thesurvivalpodcast.com Jack Spirko is truly a genius. If times get bad or even if they don't. The revolution is YOU.

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I do not usually watch television. The only video format things I occasionally watch are Ron Paul's Liberty Report, a few deep dives by Matthew Ehret, and the occasional comedy by JP Sears. I read a ton though I get things off Zerohedge and Lew Rockwell, Alex Berenson and Steve Kirsch Substack, Childrens Health Defense with RFK Jr and an assortment of health and wellness and blogs documenting adverse reactions to the Covid jab. I doubt I'd recognize a single person from mainstream news if they approached me and said hello, including Joe Rogan. Though I read Robert Malone's writing too...

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OH, I forgot - and 'talking about 'both sides of the story' - GB News does a good job although Nigel Fararge is like Marmite - love him or hate him. I love him, always have because he single-handedly got Brexit done.


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My favourite site is: https://www.theburningplatform.com/ It is like an aggregator for conservative/libertarians - the comments are worth noting - lots of links. I write a weekly Letter here: https://www.theburningplatform.com/author/austrian-peter/

I long ago lost belief in MSM/TV/Social Media. There are so many good information sites out there - it keeps me busy 24/7 and of course David Haggith is top of the list!

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Heather Cox Richardson--news with a factual historical perspective.

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David Sirota - Daily Poster; Krystal and Saagar Breaking Points seem to provide good investigative reporting. The Intercept; Many reporters in The Guardian, which is much better than NYT. Corporate Network TV is a mouthpiece for six oligarch families--a wasteland.

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Victor Davis Hanson, Glenn Greenwald, Tucker Carlson; I’m 71 former LEO, female, half Hispanic and I lean center right. I’m not a digital techie and am learning each day. I’ve just discovered Joe Rogan & I’m going to checkout Brownstone now.

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Rex Murphy can and will always report with utmost integrity.

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market-ticker.org/nad has been absolutely on the money regarding Covid since the Diamond Princess situation in early 2020. He is also astute regarding capital markets and debt and wrote a book "Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World.

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Bookmarked. (*NOD*) Thanks!

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I don't 100% trust ANYONE to be right 100% of the time, but... I'll share some of my bookmarks:






















































And of course... if you wanna follow ME...


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The only pundits I allow into my home are from Fox: Tucker, Watters, Kilmeade. Clay & Buck have done a decent job of filling Rush's time slot, although no one will ever fill his shoes. Joe Pags is good. I read WSJ and Barrons for business news only, but their editorials are often painful to read. Online sites that are vital for me include Townhall, American Thinker, Zero Hedge (love it), Gab.

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Sadly... I believe Tucker Carlson is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Yeah... he's on-target 95% of the time... BUT... I fear this is a deliberate screen to hide the 5% of the time where he's spreading disinformation. KEY EXAMPLE: During the crucial days, weeks, and months from the night of November 3, 2020 thru the morning of January 20, 2021, Tucker Carlson adhered to the FALSE narrative that there was "no evidence" the Election outcome was rigged... fraudulent.

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