Who Is Really Spreading Misinformed Disinformation?

Ne’er has there been more fertile ground that exemplifies how those in charge of the narrative are either (1) grossly incompetent, (2) saying what they need to simply to suit their own agenda, or (3) both - than the topics of Covid, inflation, Trump’s non-existent Russian collusion and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Because I have written extensively about these issues over the last year, I had been putting aside a collection of quotes from the “authorities” on each topic. I thought this morning I would release all the quotes I had put aside as one giant compendium showing just how important it is to automatically agree with whatever our masters in the mainstream media/government suggest to us.

Given that we now know almost definitively (in my opinion) that Covid came from a lab, that inflation is here to stay, that Trump didn’t collude with Russia and that the laptop was definitely authentic, enjoy this trip down memory lane.

  • "You're not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations.” - Joe Biden, July 2021

  • “Fact: Covid-19 is NOT airborne.” - World Health Organization, March 2020

  • "Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person. A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect them, the virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else," she added with a shrug. "It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people. [Vaccines] will get us to the end of this." - Rachel Maddow, March 2021

  • "When people are vaccinated they can feel safe that they won't get infected, whether they're outdoors or indoors." - Dr. Anthony Fauci, May 2021

  • “From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual. It’s very rare.” - Maria Van Kerkhove, PhD, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, March 2020

  • “Asymptomatic infection may be rare, and transmission from an asymptomatic person is very rare with other coronaviruses, as we have seen with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. Thus transmission from asymptomatic cases is likely not a major driver of transmission.” - World Health Organization, February 2020

  • "We really do not think this is the time for Americans to be going out and getting masks,” CDC’s Nancy Messonnier, MD, March 2020

  • "Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection.

    "The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you." - Dr. Anthony Fauci, February 2020

  • "For the unvaccinated, you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm." - White House Covid Coordinator Jeff Zients, December 2021

  • “Vaccination against COVID-19 prevents breakthrough infections, Stanford researchers find.” - Stanford Medicine, July 2021

  • “If we can get the overwhelming proportion of people vaccinated in the country, we will do very very well. Just the same way as we’re all protected from measles because the level of protection from measles is very very good in this country. It’s 90-some-odd percent.” - Dr. Anthony Fauci, August 6, 2021

  • “Virus researchers say there is virtually no chance that the new coronavirus was released as result of a laboratory accident in China or anywhere else.” - NPR, April 2020

  • "The real risk is in the wild in the way people interact with wildlife around the world. That's where we need to be focused if we want to really do something about preventing the next pandemic." - Peter Daszak, April 2020

  • “…the “lab leak hypothesis” will remain a conspiracy theory, while the zoonotic origin hypothesis remains overwhelmingly supported by the evidence at hand.” - Forbes, June 2021

  • "Ignore the conspiracy theories: scientists know Covid-19 wasn't created in a lab" - Peter Daszak, June 2020

  • “Inflation has risen, largely reflecting transitory factors.” - FOMC, April 2021

  • “[Inflation] isn’t likely to be permanent, which is why I’m still on Team Transitory.” - Alan Blinder, December 2021

  • “I still don’t see any evidence that 1970s-type stagflation, in which everyone kept raising prices because they expected everyone else to keep raising prices, is emerging.” - Paul Krugman, December 2021

  • “I don’t anticipate that inflation is going to be a problem.” - Janet Yellen, March 2021

  • “We are not overly concerned because we’re already seeing signs that inflationary pressures are beginning to ease. I do think we are on the other side of the inflation problem.” - Cathie Wood, June 2022

  • “Inflation is ‘transitory’.” - Jerome Powell, June 2021

  • “…incoming data are very much consistent with the view that these are factors that will wane over time and then inflation will move down toward our goals.” - Jerome Powell, June 2021

  • “The nightmare of surging prices is starting to fade away, according to new projections from the Congressional Budget Office. The agency expects inflation to slow to a 4% pace by the end of 2022 from March's 6.6% rate.” - CBO, May 2022

  • “Inflation in the U.S. increased more than what was predicted in April, but some indicators point to the worst possibly being over.” - Newsweek, May 2022

  • "There is a New York Post article that is false. It’s much better for Twitter to let people read The New York Post article and sit there and laugh at the hokie story of a computer repairman looking at a computer, going, ‘This sure does look suspicious to me. I’m going to call Rudy Giuliani.” - Joe Scarborough, October 2020

  • “It’s all a smear. Every serious investigator has pointed out that this is a smear. This is classic Trump. We have 4 days left and all of a sudden there’s a laptop. There’s overwhelming evidence that the Russian’s did this. My son’s an honorable man.” - President Biden, October 2020

  • “More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” - Politico, October 2020

  • ‘The New York Post reporter who wrote most of the article refused to put his name on it because of concerns about its credibility, two Post employees have said.” - The NY Times, October 2020

  • “Trump and his allies say there is evidence of corruption in emails and documents allegedly found on a laptop belonging to Democrat Joe Biden’s son…But the Wall Street Journal and Fox News — among the only news organizations that have been given access to key documents — found that the emails and other records don’t make that case. Leaving aside the many questions about their provenance, the materials offered no evidence that Joe Biden played any role in his son’s dealings in China, let alone profited from them, both news organizations concluded.” - NBC News, October 2020

  • “BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC.” - Rachel Maddow

  • “There certainly was communication and there certainly was an understanding of some sort. Because there’s no doubt in my mind that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin wanted me to lose and wanted Trump to win. And there’s no doubt in my mind that there are a tangle of financial relationships between Trump and his operation with Russian money. And there’s no doubt in my mind that the Trump campaign and other associates have worked really hard to hide their connections with Russians.” - Hillary Clinton, September 2017

  • “I think there is direct evidence in the emails from the Russians through their intermediary offering dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of what is described in writing as the Russian government effort to help elect Donald Trump.” - Adam Schiff, March 2019

  • “The Russians offered help, the campaign accepted help. The Russians gave help and the President made full use of that help.” - Adam Schiff, December 2017

  • “Undoubtedly there is collusion. We will continue to investigate the counterintelligence issues. That is, is the president or people around him compromised in any way by a hostile foreign power? . . . It doesn’t appear that was any part of Mueller’s report.” - Adam Schiff, March 2019

And some of my favorite videos.

The media telling the world Joe Rogan was taking horse de-wormer:

“We can not require someone to be vaccinated” - Nancy Pelosi:

AOC defending spending in summer 2021, disregarding inflation:

The entire mainstream media saying the Trump presidency was over when it wasn’t:

“One sentence, that was it, huh?” - Now fired Brian Stelter, on whether we’re in recession:

Pelosi explaining the inner-workings of Congress:

“Everybody knows what’s going on there…” Trump muttered about the WHO in 2020:

Trump explains OPEC+. “It’s called OPEC+. It’s OPEC…plus.”

News reporter faking being blown away by the wind as people casually stroll past:

NYT admitting it was wrong about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax:

Rand Paul calling Dr. Fauci out on his lies about gain-of-function research:

Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments.