Ladopo needs to be Head of HHS under President Desantis and clean house with the FDA and CDC. All doctors who have done harm must be held accountable: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-do-no-harm-part-2

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Oct 9, 2022·edited Oct 9, 2022

Here we go again… People desperate to hear what they want to hear get all up in arms because somebody said what they wanted to hear and even though the problems with making any guidance on the basis of the said aforementioned b.s. they were referencing are multiple and manifest, off they go with the censoring talk without trying to defend the basis of the argument they were making.

News flash, you get ignored and banned because you’re too lazy to back up your shit. Instead you run off to corners of the internet where angry people too readily pat themselves on the back for being against the dominant story not because they done quality research but because they like the self-appointed title of being a “free thinker” when they’re not thinking at all, they’re feeling which is so much easier. To further bolster their ego they invent some nefarious cabal out to silence them instead of a health community trying to give them people well researched advice that is statistically likely to result in the best outcomes. I know it hurts your ego to admit that but you need to take your ego out of the equation for second and deal with your own subconscious motivators, they’re making you lazy and leading you to believe shit because you want to believe rather than because it makes rational sense on the basis of evidence.

As usual, most of the folks waving this latest horseshit around online haven’t bothered to read it closely so they’re going to make the rest of us functionally literate folks do the homework for them. Btw, this is why no one takes you seriously whether you’re taking horse dewormer or going all anti-vaxer on people. I hope you do your financial research with more rigor. Here are the problems with the “research” you’re touting as sufficient to reverse everyone else’s work in the field.

1. It’s not a study.

2. It’s not peer reviewed by anyone for accuracy.

3. No authors are listed.

4. If you even bothered to fully read the link you’d see that whoever authored it warns the reader that they used the death certificate code of ACME I3-152 which is a catch all code for “other forms of heart disease”, not a very precise measure by any means. That’s why the anonymous author states “the underlying cause of death may not be cardiac related.”

5. Add to all this the fact that 19-39 year old males don’t die of heart disease very often and it throws into question all sorts of statistical basis’ for the conjecture people are trying to run with.

So if you’d bothered to read this turd without massive political blinders and understand the basics of statistics you’d get pretty quickly that it shouldn’t guide a thing (the anonymous author says as much if you read). If Florida’s surgeon general is referencing this as a reason to not get a vaccine, he’s in pretty deep political territory, not fact or science land. I personally don’t find it at all hard to believe that a DeSantis appointed political figure would want to please his boss over genuinely inform the public with solid science so I don’t really give a hoot what comes behind his name. This is shit research just like the shit research conservatives were trying to score points with on invermectine. Which, is why twitter banned it as disinformation. Which they can do and should do to keep lazy political hacks such as yourselves from creaming the internet with bullshit that other folks that don’t bother to read will accept and repeat until the whole country gets progressively more ill informed.

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Un-freaking-believable. Wanna bet this decision was taken by someone or something (an algorithm) without an MD?

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Twitter - the tool - is great; very useful. Twitter - the company - is poison. I use Twitter because where else are you going to be able to get a practically minute-by-minute reaction to macroeconomic topics and indicators from the likes of Luke Gromen, Chris Irons, Peter Schiff, Tracy Shuchart, George Gammon, Brent Johnson, etc. all under one roof? I block or ignore all the culture war stuff (except Alex Berenson). I'm looking forward to see if Elon can clean the purple-haired-gender-studies-majors-turned-public-health-censors out of the company.

Can you imagine how toxic that work place must be? Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to work there?

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I finally took the step to get off Twitter permanently over the last few months, I don't see the point of going back to a company that's this active in not allowing free speech of evidence backed opinions. Not all opinions are created equal, and I don't think twitter should manage that, cause it then leads to this politisation of what is acceptable or not according to their arbitrary rules. They can do whatever they want, I don't need to support it, nor consuming their products.

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I got D's in Trig and Calculus at U of I Champaign-Urbana and a C in cost accounting. Went into Poly Sci and killed it. So for us right sided (left sided) brains, what is the possibility of getting a heart attack in the age groups in the study? Maybe 2%? reading from here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/heart-attack-age-range#incidence-rate

It seems that Men 20-29 have 2.1 MI's per 100k people. (21/million or about 348 for the cohort 18-44 see infra) I'm not going to look it up, but I bet an equal or higher incidence of death or disability comes from falling off cliffs doing awesome selfies. In the group 30-39 it increases to 16.9 per 100k Total estimated incidents are about 2806 in the country (stats from Norway). So based on what the politically correct Governor Freedom's appointment's statistics what is the higher incidence? 4/100k Yeah that's double but statistically insignificant IMHO. More people get injured masturbating than dying on an MI at that age (anecdotal, Tankster, 2022).

Per Wikipedia, a trusted source there were about 332 million in the US in 2021. 18-44 total 16.6 million. Half male is 8.3 million

What is it compared to other causes of death after injection? Other maladies, like stroke or falling off a ladder (had to make sure you're still reading? Man to Henny Youngman: "How's your wife?" Henny: "Compared to what?" Same here. How many more people died?

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nikita Kucherov say Number One Bullshit to the article, the SG and his sources. Sorry Chris, or anybody please tell us the numbers and as the Free Citizens of Florida who had the ability to make the choice whether to evacuate Charlotte and Lee County before Ian, we (almost) always had the right to decide whether to get the shots or not. Is the SG spewing or is it lacking context?

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Nice, I've been short MRNA for awhile now, it was stupid how expensive that stock was 🤡. What Twitter did was stupid though, bias there likely.

Here's a great twitter thread from an MD revealing the issues with Florida's study: https://twitter.com/kmpanthagani/status/1578921562761465857?s=20&t=s-RlAtvjAhhAK4ZeMxL0AQ

There's a scientific paper on potential bias of self-controlled case series (SCCS) that Florida uses here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/sim.9179

Florida even says in their report: https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/20221007-guidance-mrna-covid19-vaccines-analysis.pdf

These data are preliminary, based on surveillance data, and should be interpreted with caution. The results have several limitations:

"While this method has been used to assess risk of death following COVID-19 vaccination, it violates the assumption that an event does not affect subsequent exposure (for mRNA vaccines), which may introduce bias."

^ this is it right here, they need to follow up and do a larger study, multiple cohorts and larger sample size

"This study cannot determine the causative nature of a participant’s death. We used death certificate data and not medical records. COVID testing status was unknown for those who did not die of/with COVID. Cardiac-related deaths were ascertained if an ACME code of I3-I52 were on their death certificate, thus, the underlying cause of death may not be cardiac-related."

^ again, their study needs to be expanded further, like why didn't you use MEDICAL RECORDS??? and they even say underlying cause of death may not be cardiac-related!

So these study needs to get peer reviewed and also done across other states and countries. Although Florida's study has good data, it's not large enough sample size and their methodologies has limitations as they stated in their own report.

Also, Florida's report is NOT A PUBLISHED STUDY and NOT PEER REVIEWED. THERE ARE ZERO AUTHORS LISTED. That is NOT normal and needs to be questioned and made know by reporters.

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It almost like the the tech industries and social media companies have become agents of the government…

What was the name for that kind of relationship again? 🤔

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You lost the point of your comment. The SG posted an un peer reviewed, no cited info tweet. I already got the point on the “science” of Covid responses by government. FL results were middling. TWTR is #1 bullshit and we know it. No worries, after Elon works his magic, it will now be full of bots and disinfluencers.

Keep it up, I like your work.

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streisand effect by twitter. calls way more attention when you censor something like this

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People will get sick.Vaccine is preventive.Not miracle.Not 100% safety.Vaccines have been needed throughout history.Don't derry all vaccines

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Yale University and another University,do a little research

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Something we should all be aware of..... watch Musk’s face when he is forced to kiss ass. Twitter will never change as long as this is allowed to continue.

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Twitter will not censor Moderna, Fauci, and all because they are the ones being protected or shielded along with all people associated with our global governments and aligned organizations.

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This is all predictable and enraging. Thanks for sharing this.

Twitter is a portal to Hell. It's guarded by woke archangels and teeming with armies of satanic bots. Truth is labeled misinformation and lies are labeled truth. The algos are designed to suck you in, stoke your rage, make you fight. It will destroy your critical thinking ability and rot your brain.

Elon must think it is fixable but its beyond redemption.

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