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Michael Saylor Exclusive: Bitcoin's Biggest Risk, GameStop, ETFs, Inflation

Michael Saylor Exclusive: Bitcoin's Biggest Risk, GameStop, ETFs, Inflation

The executive chairman and co-founder of MicroStrategy joins me to talk about everything from what concerns him most about bitcoin to whether he'll finally debate Peter Schiff.

I was extraordinarily appreciative when executive chairman and co-founder of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor sat down with me this weekend for an exclusive interview.

What’s inside this exclusive Fringe Finance interview with Michael Saylor:

  • What the effects of inflation will eventually be (“The Matrix”) and how globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum fit into the mix

  • The differences between bitching and moaning about flawed monetary policy versus offering up an actual solution

  • Whether he thinks the Fed will raise or lower rates next and why

  • Similarities and differences between bitcoin and fine art when talking about intrinsic value

  • If bitcoin, now embraced by Wall Street, needs to homogenize itself into the AML/KYC world of regulated banking and, if so, how that’ll happen

  • Whether the ETFs and the centralized storage of large amounts of bitcoin could eventually become a negative and make it easier for a nation state or bad actor to seize

  • What he thinks of the meme stock rally into names like GameStop, and whether or not such uprisings could eventually be a catalyst for bitcoin, as I have predicted

  • Why he is selling so much MicroStrategy stock

  • What he sees as the one biggest risk to the bitcoin network going forward

  • What he thinks the next nation state to buy bitcoin will be

  • Whether he thinks gold and bitcoin can co-exist

  • Whether or not he’ll finally debate Peter Schiff once and for all

I started off by asking Michael what he thought about macro — and what the ‘solution’ would be for a Fed that is stuck between a rock (inflation) and a hard place (depression).

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