The hugely unpopular former FLATUS (First Lady Against the United States) Michelle Obama throws her hat into the ring to run against Trump / DeSantis in 2024.

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After the Midterm Elections, Republicans will hold 75% of Congress, House and Senate. Gold will be the best performer of 2022.

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there will be no Russian invasion, it was not originally planned, and the foreign funds that sold Ukrainian Eurobonds simply gave Ukrainian and Russian banks excellent yields.

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Jan 15, 2022·edited Jan 15, 2022

Fed is absorbed

Civil unrest/war

No world reserve currency.


Gold hits 1400

Silver hits 15

Retest 2020 S&P lows

Options volume cut in half

Majority of Tiktok millionaires go homeless.

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....... Project Blue Beam

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All the Purebloods are rounded up and sent to the Bronx, where they are allowed to watch sports, gamble, eat greasy food, and bet on politicks and sports. This is labeled as 'punishment' by The State, and madness ensues as the country tries to 'cross state lines' to get to the boogie down Bronx.

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CCP devalues Yuan

CCP defector reveals they are behind all the progressive stuff like CRT, gender bending etc

Biden develops a really bad stutter

Trump is knighted in the New Years honours.

France declares a small fishing war on British merchant marine ending in a sunk Jersey based crayfish boat...we retaliate by sending our best cuisine to Calais in crates, causing riots.

Wolf whistling makes a comeback

Modesty is considered cute and desirable again (but it doesn't last)

Catholic priest defrocked for saying conservative tendencies are decided in the womb..

Harry Potter author jailed for hate crimes.

My dog actually gets off the floor to greet me for a change.

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10 predictions for 2022:

#1 Platinum gets over $1300 USD

#2 Tyler Herro Wins 6th Man of year

#3 Saylor gets liquidated

#4 Bitcoin trades below 20k before year end

#5 Spencer Schiff back pedals and rebuys his Silver stocks

#6 Laser eyes won't be a thing by years end

#7 POG moves up 4% in a day

#8 Barrick gets over $30

#9 Peter gets over 1million twitter followers

#10 Roy Sebag ( Who I would love you to have on your pod) comes out of hiding

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Love QTR. Here's my top 10 absurd predictions for 2022:

1. Major conspiracies revealed; CIA assassinated JFK, Epstein was CIA, and UFOs (aliens are real)

2. Silver trades thru $150, major bank needs bailout, JPM merge with Citi.

3. Tech rout FB and GOOG break ups, TWTR emerges as utility with new mgmt, section 230 repealed.

4. Major civil unrest in China echoes Tianamin, brutal response broadcast live, massive global disruptions. US supply base sees historic resurgence led by Jocko Wilink.

5. EV bust, TSLA bankrupt and Musk faces prison time. Legacy automakers maintain minimal market share.

6. Dark horse libertarian candidate Dave Smith emerges, splits 2 party system and makes Ross Perot look like a pussy.

7. Biden steps down due to health. Media turns, Hunter Biden takes the fall for the Big Guy.

8. PFE liability revoked, gov turns on pharma and rakes back billions after Covid vaccine cover up revealed. Bankrupt PFE bought out by JNJ.

9. Joe Rogan buys out CNN, develops major new media empire.

10. Year End 2022; Dow 28300, Nasdaq 9800, Silver 150, Gold 4800, Bitcoin 500.

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I predict that as the propped-up phony economy unravels, people may finally stop believing the WEF's terribly dumb ideas regarding innovation and technological trajectories. Klaus' has convinced every CEO out there in the importance of 'Digital Twins' and Industry 4.0 - the reality is that these ideas are f*cking retarded simplifications of trends which were already happening in a less grand / disruptive fashion.

Okay, so this is less of a prediction and more of a vain hope. Still.

Barring that, many a stupid c-suite person is going to get all amped up for something on the innovation checklist again, wasting time and money for anyone sucked into their vortex of non-comprehension.

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Jan 11, 2022·edited Jan 11, 2022Liked by Quoth the Raven

My initial thought (which has been consistent since the 2020 campaign) was that Biden will be POTUS until the end of January, 2023, then be deposed by his handlers. Giving the ring to Kamala with less than two years remaining in the term allows her to seek the crown twice on her own.

Of course, given Kamala's current unpopularity, this thought may be wrong. They could very well install her into the position prior to the mid-terms, allowing time to put in the VPOTUS of their choice with a favorable congress, then by prearrangement depose Kamala, thereby allowing the new VPOTUS the right to two terms of its own. If that is the thinking, then the deposing of Brandon would occur prior to the mid-terms.

The question in that scenario is who would take the second position? Who could be left enough to please the puppet masters and still pass muster in the Congress? I suspect the VPOTUS nom in this case would be Cory Booker or someone like him. He checks all the boxes except personal plumbing but KH would have filled that box with her ascension.

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2022: They will admit that the Vaccine was a “solution” to almost all of the Earth’s problems. You all should be proud that you made yourself 15% less fertile, as the earth will benefit from less people. We will be rolling out tax breaks to Robotic and AI companies. A Plethora of Robots will allow the remaining people to live at higher quality levels. We will all live at higher quality levels and we can all share in this new found wealth.

The AI will help us individually make better decisions: your purchasing decisions will be monitored and if you go off the prescribed course, an intervention will occur. Property ownership is obviously a racist patriarchal system in which those not privy to the system are continuously suppressed in their ability to ever reach the affluent life. We can all live the affluent life with our Robots servant and producers when we all give up individual property rights.

The vaccines come in many types, and now that you have Antibody Dependent Enhancement ADE meaning an overblown immune response when challenged with a new variant, Pfizer has perfected a system for targeted boosters developed within 45 days. A fringe group a greedy psychopaths who could care less about the rest of society, and sociopathically cannot even empathize that they are putting all of society at risk by not taking the vaccines will be treated. Some may be cured by custom State Provided Injections.

Because we sent each batch of custom vaccine to at least 20 different states, we now know exactly how our initial 4000 various batches affects the populations, in different demographics and States and even temperatures so problem areas of the country can get custom vaccines to push that area to greater prosperity and affluence. Some individuals who still refuse to join the People’s Affluence Movement (PAM), will receive mental health screenings and AI robots will use repetition to get rid of harmful and hateful ways of thinking.

The vaccine is all we need to solve all problem and let everyone live their best life. Follow the science, have faith in the science. The James Webb telescope has now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no grand creator, no God, and that is why it was launched on Christmas day….your real savior is science formed by our great computers in our hallowed halls. It’s one for all and all for one!

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My only “fringe” prediction for 2022 is a Patriots vs Buccaneer’s super bowl. The NFL will orchestrate this through favourable referee decisions. All so the public can finally learn once and for all if Bill Belichick or Tom Brady is real GOAT. The ratings for this soap opera would be through the roof.

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I would like to “Thank You” for the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions. So here goes…


U.S. Politics - A total rout by the Republicans. The majority of the voting public (65%?) has grown so tired of all the lies and deceit the Democrats have continually spewed.

Covid-19 - It will slowly fade away, due to the strain of virus it is. Albeit against some people’s better judgement.

The Macroeconomy - We need a massive reduction in Federal workers. After that, we need a reduction in pay across the board with no exceptions. Move most politicians to the same services the general public has (ex. Healthcare).

The Stock Market - A rather large adjustment mid-year, with a much larger one come late Fall. P & E is a mess, and you can’t pay out, what you just don’t have and can no longer borrow.

The Fed - Only one choice and that is the “End the Fed” movement, but I doubt it.

Commodities, Oil & Bitcoin - Too much, but we need oil so pump more here, and Bitcoin not being backed will always be a gamble, but a reward too at times.

Geopolitical - America desperately needs to rid itself of Biden and all who believe in his ways. The world, other then the Globalist, are fed up with it all. We need a nice strong America first and foremost, and in 10-20 years, if we are ready financially, then we can help others that are not Citizens.

Sports - All of them will be in decline for the foreseeable future. They have lost there biggest customers, which is business. Greatly reduced are the days of lunches, golf and events by most companies. No money for that and working from home will put an end to that rather quickly.

Misc. Hillary and her Cohorts get arrested at least. Some go to jail and/or huge fines for them all. The end of that nonsense finally!

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Jan 11, 2022·edited Jan 11, 2022Liked by Quoth the Raven

1. China and Russia are collaborating to develop a two-front war. Simultaneously China will move on Taiwan and Russia will move on the Ukraine with the assumption that the USA will not have the bravado under a Hidden Biden administration to defend. They will both make major advances and the USA will be revealed as the third world country it is quickly becoming.

2. A much more virulent and deadly iteration of Covid will be released, sorry I mean evolve, in China. Likely a hemorrhagic virus (note that Covid2 IS a blood vessel virus). It will move fast and kill quickly and we will not be ready financially or culturally.

Obviously both these things (or either) will lead to wholesale destruction of the markets.

And on the political front, Bye bye Biden replaced by Kamala who gets replaced by Hillary Clinton! Yes you read it here first!


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Jan 11, 2022·edited Jan 11, 2022Liked by Quoth the Raven

I predict currency and financial crash on epic scale for two main reasons:

1. It's time to hoover up all the baby boomer savings. If they wait another decade most of them will have been passed on to their heirs. It's time and that pile has been sitting there begging to be taken out for decades now.

2. It's time to wipe out the Federal Reserve system along with paper money and put in place a digital system along with personal ID ushering in a Brave New world. Every transaction will be monitored, subject to permission or rejection, taxed, databased and so forth. Money will be tied to a universal credit system which might end up determining monthly income at some point a direct 1000 points = $1000 per month Units type deal. And then also they can track medicines, websites, chats, locations visited, email content, TV shows watched, food consumed, miles driven, sexual activity, heart rate, emotional state, speech uttered, soon thoughts thunk and so on. So they have to get that universal personal ID system in place world wide - using vaccines as the pretext of course - and after that they will crash the current financial system and start their Brave New Digiworld forthwith.

They have to do this before the US mid-terms because either they will be properly counted and provide the US with a lame duck Presidency or they will be gamed again at which point more than half the country will finally get it that the Republic they have believed in all their lives has been a sham all along and who knows what happens then. Best to get it done before then, after which elections will probably be phased out for direct democracy by cell phone vote (all of which will be rigged of course, just don't tell anybody).

This will take place in mid-September just in time to cancel the upcoming mid-terms because of the National (and Global) Emergency that will result.

War with Ukraine will break out with threat of nuclear retaliation by Russia into US cities if the US doesn't immediately surrender and also submit to the new World Economic System published probably at Davos this summer.

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Any of these-

Smallpox outbreak as soon as people have even more coof fatigue

Emp “attack”

Bank “hackers”

Nuclear blasts

“Aliens” announced

More people join gab.com

More truth bombs via Rogan and info wars and Jim stone

More exotic disease unleashed to maintain fear zombies

More restrictions for pure bloods

More protests

More people turning to God

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my like and comment off the wall prediction:

Outer space death match TV show is created with world wide wagering.

8 contestants go up, one returns

$1billion purse to the winner.

Sponsors must be tattooed on the bodies of the contestants.

Event occurs in a zeroG deathstar outside under which no government has legal jurisdiction. Exposes the WWF for the childs play it is.

Bezos and Musk share 10% of the gambling vig, the rest is used for payoff to the winners.

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Suffering pangs of long-dormant conscience, a high-ranking Deep State official "comes clean" and publishes a whole slate of irrefutable, damning evidence about the nefarious collusion and conspiring against the Old World Order, revealing long-rumored plans to "cull the herd" and to impose New World Order tyranny here and abroad.

The "fringe" of this is: once people sell their souls to the Devil to rise through the ranks of the Deep State, it will take an Exorcism by a non-compromised priest to accomplish this "flipping" of this high-ranking Deep Stater.

The result will be pandemonium, followed by the broad sunlit uplands of freedom hinted at by Winston Spencer Churchill in his finest hour speech.

It will be, in short, the vindication of traditional Christian values -- the "finest hour" of the actual "resistance" to tyranny that has thus far descended across the world these past two years.

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Like a few others that have already mentioned on this thread: Biden will NOT finish the year as president. This “weekend at Bernie’s” horror show gets worse as KH nominates the “puppet master” behind most of the crap we’ve been seeing the last 18 months as her new VP. This all needs to be done before the midterm Elections, due to the communis- i mean democrats losing the house in the fall.

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Purdue wins the 2022 NCAA men's basketball tournament!

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Jan 11, 2022·edited Jan 11, 2022Liked by Quoth the Raven

Fauci will resign and plea bargain with Rand Paul as perjury becomes an easy indictment with Republicans winning the House and Senate as emails show the potential for racketeering between members of the public health industrial complex , Pfizer, Moderna and the kingpins of pan media.

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Jan 11, 2022Liked by Quoth the Raven

Blue states will expand vaccine passports. Politicians have this new tool and they’re going to use it. Masks in schools will become the law of the land, see Bill S.2516 in Massachusetts legislature.

There is a portion of the population that will NEVER give this up. This will accelerate the great migration south for anyone craving freedom. Wage inflation and supply chain interruptions will continue to increase until the system breaks and the government starts rationing.

I hope I’m wrong, but i see it everyday. People at the grocery store masked walking down the isles almost shaking in fear of contracting Covid. These people are insane and I don’t know what will bring them back.

The only thing saving Massachusetts right now is Charlie Baker. As much as I consider him a rhino, the next governor will probably be a democrat and will embrace all the nonsense. That election is coming soon.


Gold > 5000

Bitcoin < 10000

DJIA back to 20000

Tesla< 200

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Put me down for Chna takeover of the Philippines. Game set. Match. Whatcha gonna do about it? Points the knife at Taiwan, Japan, SK, Indonesia, Vietnam,Kiwi, and Aus. China is already taking over the Solomons, slice by slice, island hopping. Much laughing all around.

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My off-the-wall prediction: A new variant that is as contagious as Omicron and far far more deadly evolves. It will be particularly devastating to countries that had zero COVID policies and managed to largely keep Omicron out. And the greatest tell it is here will be when Joe Biden struts and crows about how "he ended the pandemic". It will be the final humiliation of Joe Biden.

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BTW, there is a fabulous opportunity here to make some big profits. The invasion of Ukraine is almost a done deal. Vlad says they will have to invade if no deal, and NATO/US is talking tough. If there is an invasion, nat gas/oil will ramp hard. I'm buying nat gas ETF call options for March. If prices run like in Oct/Nov, we're looking at 10x or more. No brainer with these idiots. What can go wrong with a senile ghost zombie for President and a prostitute president in waiting?

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Fauci resigns in disgrace.

Biden realizes COVID is going to cost the Dems Congress in the fall......so he takes a big turn and declares the pandemic over and it's just a cold now. Go back to normal.

Pelosi has even more plastic surgery.

Biden has a health emergency and steps down. Harris is impeached in the first 6 months. Stock market has swings of 20%+ throughout the year with the uncertainty.

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Russia invades eastern Ukraine and gas/oil prices ramp to the moon, bro. This triggers a mkt crash/global depression. The Cbs/Fed crank up the presses again, triggering hyper inflation collapse. Reset. Gold becomes the new (again) global reserve asset, and paper gold is banned. Gold runs up to 100,000/oz (in real value, not hyper). All countries, desperate for income, nationalize/windfall tax all gold/silver mines. The Cbs/Fed are nationalized. Food shortages cause riots/civil unrest. Most countries start UBI. That's just for starters.

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Jan 11, 2022Liked by Quoth the Raven

Attendance and viewership at College women’s sporting events starts to dissolve as more Transgender Athletes dominate the sport. Michelle Obama becomes the front runner for 2024 even though her husband has been running this presidency since the start of 2021. A smaller but just as corrupt form of BBB will pass into law. A conservative Supreme Court Justice will have an attempt made on their life throwing the SC into disarray. California enacts a mileage tax on all vehicles due to the loss of revenue from the gas tax. NAS to Value will continue causing the Fed to pause rate hikes at the bequest of Silicon Valley. Bitcoin will then rally from 25000 to a new high.( I own no Crypto).

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My living room is transformed into a cafe and restaurant to host the banned; we form a small orchestra and spill out into the backyard but quietly, so as not to bring attention to the gathering. Oh wait, that was a dream.

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Jan 11, 2022Liked by Quoth the Raven

Politics: Kamala Harris is removed as Vice President for a potential 2024 Biden Successor. Horror Movie Style Hillary Clinton’s ambitions refuse to die-she makes a push to be the candidate one last time. Eric Adams also pushed early as “future of party” candidate.

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Jan 11, 2022Liked by Quoth the Raven

Buffalo Bills take the Superbowl !

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