Right Chris, my IRA is holding gold plays

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Sep 3, 2021Liked by Quoth the Raven

my hypothesis; XRP ledger running CBDC (digital yuan). CBDC(s) backed by gold &/or other native country commodities. Instantaneous settlement and "liquid" real time trusted value (gold). old meets knew.

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Never going to happen. Nobody in the entire world wants to deal with a Chinese currency because nobody likes authoritarian dictatorships. The world doesn't agree on much other than its extreme hate for China, which unites almost everybody of all nations and political ideologies.

Most of the world likes freedom and privacy and have been raised to think individualistically rather than collectively unlike Brainwashed Chinese citizens.

It is simply never going to happen and -- if they tried -- it would never work.

There's also the fact that gold is an antiquated money technology that is already being replaced by Bitcoin, which is the only logical progression in money technology.

Open systems beat closed systems 100% of the time. Dictatorships cannot survive because the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing, the blame is always passed around, and the dictator in addition to not being able to trust anybody is always fed lies because if he's given news that he doesn't like, he'll end your life and the life of your familiy.

It cannot function. It is a sheer impossibility.

China will do what China has always done over the last 5,000 years. After opening its doors briefly to global trade, it will decide foreigners are "corrupting traditional values", close themselves off, thrive for a brief moment, and then experience total economic collapse as the rest of the world moves on without them.

Then? One day they'll decide to open themselves back up to trade again and the cycle will begin anew.

China is dead in the water. The entire nation is doomed. Time to stop talking about them. Their demographics crisis alone will crush them internally.

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This is the article that got me to subscribe to you. I've seen conflicting reports w/r/t the gold-backed Yuan - but a crypto-yuan is inevitable. Please keep this topic in mind going forward. What would Russia do if this happened? Saudi?

I know there was a guy (https://twitter.com/JanGold_) who wrote for Voima Gold who did some writing about the idea that Germany has a backup plan of a gold backed Mark in case the dollar and the euro employed. Those writings at Voima are not up anymore.

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Hi Chris. Long time listener to your podcast, and I recently subscribed to your substack about a month ago and am very grateful I did so. I was reading one of your recent articles and you referenced this article in it which is why I have gone back to this article to check out your thoughts / analysis.

Your analyses have me pondering whether or not to buy some physical bullion, and I know you promote JM Bullion as a way to do so. Do you have any recommendations on what to buy (coins vs. bars in gold, for example... or coins vs. bars vs. statues vs. rounds vs. bullets in silver) and how to identify what is the "best" or "better" type of bullion to buy?

Thanks for all your hard work and efforts on your blog and the podcast!

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