Time Crapsule: Ross Gerber Said In 2021 That Goldman & JP "Won't Exist Potentially" In 20 Years

Back in April 2021, nary a concern was being discussed when it came to the state of the equity markets (except, of course, from conspiracy theorists like Austrian economists).

Bitcoin was about $58,000/coin and Coinbase was getting ready to IPO at $375/share. The market was euphoric off the Fed’s year-straight of unlimited quantitative easing, dogshit stocks were ripping higher and the idea of valuations wasn’t even being discussed on financial news.

Which, of course, made for a perfect climate for Ross Gerber to take the stage and make one of his visionary predictions on “the new financial system” as he saw it, which included the bold, forward-thinking idea that JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Well Fargo “won’t exist” in 20 years.

Behold, the product of 0% rates and unlimited quantitative easing:

Since then, bitcoin is down about 64.1%.

For those that wish to play along at home, I’ve made this handy countdown timer so that we can all follow along with Ross’ prognostication.