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The one and only test that should matter is the Chinese experience, 900 Million Mask Wearing citizens were infected in a period of 90 days. Masks were an epic fail.

You are correct the “masks” are part of the government psyop, sadly there are legions of indoctrinated fools who demonstrate quite conclusively that they simply do not possess the capacity for honest discernment. The reality befuddles them. Their will to ask the obvious questions has been suborned by their inculcation.

Sorry if that’s you reading this.

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I'm still waiting for an explanation for what happened to the flu. It is cold/flu season, after all, but now everything is Covaids. It mysteriously disappeared. That, of course, still assumes that germ theory is correct.

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And yet they (the mask wearers) think we’re the ones who are crazy

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If something is truly a health emergency, the talking heads would not use authoritarian and tyrannical language.

The statistics for infection & death causes were artificially manipulated to skew them to more tragic determinations furthering the fear mongering required to push through population controlling rhetoric and policy. These were manipulated by the complicit actions of governing medical oversight bodies by the government. They were threatened with removal of support funding if they dosing comply. The governing bodies then used the same tyrannical tact to control the medical professional structure on an institutional and personal professional level.

There is more that unites us than divides us. If we all stand up to tyranny, the ones that get “outed” for going against the grain would be the tyrants, not “we the People”

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This is lumping all types of masks together. Everyone knows that surgical and cloth makes offer little protection--they're mostly valuable at catching stuff from the person wearing them when sneezing and coughing large droplets (which is why they're called surgical masks, to protect the patient from doctors). However I learned very early on that N95 masks do offer protection--not from singular airborne viruses, they would pass through darn near everything. But viruses don't generally float around like that and are usually encapsulated in microdroplets which N95 masks and respirators can filter out, at least to some helpful degree. The problem was that there was not near enough supply and what was available got diverted to the medical folks.

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Here is one more VERY intersting aspect of the covid story that nobody is talking about:

"FDA Approves Updated mRNA Covid Jabs

The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna updated mRNA Covid vaccines targeting XBB.1.5 Omicron variants have been approved by the FDA, paving the way for them to be rolled out by the fall.

The agency greenlighted the former for 12-year-olds and older and the latter for over 18s, with both to be administered as one-shot doses.

After asking for it earlier this summer, Novavax is still awaiting approval for its updated vaccine despite being the only shot to have shipments in the US ready to be delivered."


So, let's think about this for a minute. Novavax's vaccine, Nuvavoxid works by giving you a viral protein (an antigen) and an adjuvant (a material capable of activiting your immune system at the point of administering the vaccine, in the case of Novavax this is a piece of a bacterial fragment molecule that is known to hyperactivate antigen presenting cells). No DNA/RNA tech, no genetical phuckery.

During covid, the medical community's best argument for forcing down mRNA vaccines everyone's throat was that we cannot produce conventional vaccines fast enough, but mRNA can be synthetised easily and quickly, so it makes perfect sense to use this new tech instead of old antigen+adjuvant vaccines.

Yet, here we are, Novavax already has manufactured batches of a conventional vaccine ready to deliver - yet they have been waiting for months for FDA approval, while the mRNA bros get the go-ahead straight away.

And let's think about this for a second. How do you produce a conventional antigen vaccine? Well, viruses happen to multiply quite well in eggs. An egg is essentially a single cell full of amino acids and ribosomes and lipids, but without any hereditary material if it is not fertilized by a rooster. So you inject the virus into the egg, keep it warm for a couple of days and voila, you have an egg full of the virus. Then you centrifuge the inside of the egg and clean out the antigen (the S protein of the virus), usually with electrophoresis. Add the adjuvant (bacterial molecule fragments are not very hard to produce, since bacteria, again, can multiply very quickly) and you are ready.

Compare this to the mRNA vaccines. First of all, the mRNA they use in these is artificial, in the sense that they had to swap one of the bases in it to an artificial chemial molecule to keep the mRNA molecules form breaking down within seconds like they usually do in cells. Then you have to produce the nanolipid capsules that transfer the mRNA into the cells.

Anyone with even marginal biochemical knowledge will understand that conventional vaccines are easier to produce and much cheaper too. Yet, they are not forcing the mRNA vaxxes down our throat again, despite the fact that conventional vaccines are ready to deploy.

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"Key messages

We are uncertain whether wearing m

asks or N95/P2 respirators helps to slow the spread of respiratory viruses based on the studies we assessed."

Hand hygiene programmes may help to slow the spread of respiratory viruses.

Uncertain not conclusive"

Read. https://www.cochrane.org/CD006207/ARI_do-physical-measures-such-hand-washing-or-wearing-masks-stop-or-slow-down-spread-respiratory-viruses

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