hey chris …

stop grand standing with Ron Paul..and thinking that his sons show down with fauci was great ..the two of them are taking money from the same efn..corporate entities ..this is rome “ lets the the games begin and go on “ don’t live like “ carpe diem for me and my friends and divide et impera for the rest of the world ..

rand paul has all the background info in writing handed to him by “ dr david martin “” rand is derelict of his duty’s ..all he needs to do to give orders to detain that mother fucker …as long you chris tag along that line to you make yourself as well guilty of accessory of attempted murder and fraud of all involved in this plandemic ..the fuck wake up further …start pulling down that curtain completely ..not a bit at the time …

if you need more info from a simple person like me ..post your email here and ill get in touch with you

peace S.Z.

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Libertarianism is at its core anarchism. It is an impossible line of thought as far a connecting with the world we live in is concerned. Dr. Paul got very few votes every time he ran. His views deserve about as much attention since I am a Dr. also, i.e. a PhD in Religion from Emory University.

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