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Is it safe to remove my tin foil hat yet?

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This leak may (or may not) have been an accident, but the next one won't be. And it isn't just China, Russia, or Ukraine that might release the next one, either. If the upcoming election goes very badly for the Democrats, I would expect some woman in a virology lab to get revenge on the Republicans and their voters by releasing a new one. Female students in the biological sciences tend to be extreme leftists, they are already bent out of shape over Dobbs, and taking a big loss in the Midterm will send them right over the edge. I would expect them to engineer (or reproduce if such a bug is already known) a virus that only kills men and unleash it.

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Next say what really happened. Why aren't there full scale investigations of all involved at and with the Wuhan lab and NIH?

The investigations should have occured more than 1.5 years ago. (Even Encyclopedia Brown could have solved this one by now.)

Who's withholding information and why?

To understand the origin is to understand what we are dealing with and how people can be helped.

Why are we allowing people to suffer by not investigating fully?

I think I know the answers, but apparently there needs to be an "official" report by an "official" entity. Way beyond time to get that done.

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I think it's important to at least keep alive the consideration of an accidental WIV release as an "officially permitted counter-narrative".

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Official redefinition of the words, "senate", "report", "lab", and "is"... incoming in 3... 2...

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So, let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. There is some very positive notes here, specifically that we had a review process that included enough institutional people willing to consider all of the question and evidence starting 15+ months ago (despite the outright bs being pushed in msm and National PR). Now we are seeing the results of that which openly counters the previous common narrative. So it took time, but it got out, and from the institutional level. Notable also is the fact that it released shortly before the mid terms….no timing games played. Now, we should push for a review of our own National bio research lab safety and security practices, while also working with the UN to do the same on an international level. But what do I know; I’m just a dog on the internet.

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Is the investigation for 9/11 still ongoing? You know that event where 11 days before it hundreds of millions of dollars where transferred to Wall Street from Saudi Arabia and bet against the airlines.

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Yup. And the vax was created NOT from an inactivated virus, but from an artificial DNA map. You can find the link below. Now, if I were adding 2=2, I'd get 4 = concurrent design and manufacturing of the virus and the vax, as no other logic explains the "vax" patented 10 days after the C19 genome was first sequenced. Getting from these two events to a non-purposeful depop strategy is extremely difficult.... https://hive.blog/worldnews/@francesleader/email-exchange-with-uk-mhra-exposing-the-genomic-sequence-of-sarscov2

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Was that the insider trader Richard burr you were quoting?

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Here's an few coincidences:

1 - from Taiwan: “it does not believe the wet market to be the source of the COVID pandemic and suggested that a leak from a laboratory in Wuhan is a possibility.”

Well here's another lab in Wuhan doing gene editing:

Guess what the address of the Wuxi Apptech lab in Wuhan is? The company that Gates/Soros invested heavily in? A company that does gene editing?



It's this:

666 Gaoxin Road

East Lake High-tech Development Zone






And what an address - 666 by pure chance.

And if I recall correctly from a long time ago it is about 600m from one of the wet markets in the city, I think it's "the one" though - there is more than one wet market there which is different from what MSM would like you to believe.

The Gates/Soros link can be confirmed as they have to do legal filings in the US with the SEC.


2 - Knew I'd find it again eventually.

This is a Turkish twatter site that knew about a shipment of the virus from the US to China.

Dated 11 June 2019:

Twitter avatar for @EmirYildizdan

Emir Yıldızdan🇹🇷




#ABD Çin’e bir uçak dolusu biyolojik silah gönderdi. Yakında Çin’de salgın hastalıklar başlayabilir.

Şunu da unutmasınlar ki yeryüzünde bir Türk varsa, umut var demektir.

8:36 PM ∙ Jun 11, 2019






"He sent a planeload of biological weapons to China. Soon epidemics may begin in China. And let them remember that if there is a Turk on earth, there is hope."

Dated January 27th 2020



"The coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China and spread to many countries in a short period of time, is on the world agenda.

As 16 Stars, we announced months ago where and by whom this outbreak would be carried out. On June 11, 2019, we issued the necessary warning on Twitter about the outbreak in China. This information was of course known at the time and we were hesitant to explain it. Then we decided to explain it!It's always a story. Its coronavirus was manufactured as a biological weapon and flown to China by the United States.It's not right to write everything down. It's already being written if necessary. As we said there, "Let them not forget that if there is a Turk on earth, there is hope."

Those who know know, I assure you! The hope of Earth and space is TURK!That's it..."

Do you believe in coincidences?

Not like this I don't.

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Hunter biden and HEINZ,Yale University…Hunter and Biden family,They was money laundering,in Ukraine.There is the Department of Defense.In other words, the virus is America's bioterrorism.

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So if we are to take these findings at face value, what does this mean for the fake pandemic theory? The IFR for C19 is still comparable to the flu, the deaths and hospitalisation numbers were still manipulated to make the virus appear worse than it actually was/is, the lockdowns were and still are entirely ineffective/counter productive when it comes to protecting public health, and the vaccines are still worse than useless. Regardless of where the bug came from, the entire crisis was still manufactured and the impact of the response was always far more damaging than the impact of the actual bug.

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Fort Detrich, MD shut down for safety violations August 2019.

Mysterious pneumonia outbreaks in nearby nursing homes.

"Vaping" illnesses in the DMV area.

Wuhan military games Oct 2019. World Economic Forum/Gates Foundation sponsored Event 201 Oct 2019.

A fun rabbit hole. Enjoy!

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The world is divided into two groups: Those who believe the virus originated in the lab in Wuhan and those who know the virus originated in the lab in Wuhan but want you to think it didn't.

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Don't forget, this is not cold,flu etc.cause complete pneumonia.perhaps, human-to-human transmission/of a disease.

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