Is there an app that transcribes podcasts so I can read them in say 10 minutes instead of sitting for an hour, listening?

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Speed the replay up using the GEAR icon at the bottom of the play window. Most play well at 1.5x or even 1.75x. Plays in a fraction of the time.

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yt-dlp for python users

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Aug 8, 2022·edited Aug 8, 2022

Descript.com transcribes super fast, but you have to be able to download the audio/video yourself and upload it

Noonta.io transcribes slow, but they have lifetime deals on appsumo and they offer a way to pull in the video/audio with a url.

But I agree that simply speeding up is a good idea. I use pocketcasts and it allows me a 3x speed listening experience.

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I turn on auto cc on YouTube and set it to run at 2x speed and turn the sound down but that's sub optimal

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I hate the "this time it's different' expression and one should always be enormously careful when using it, but I'm not so sure if the Fed is going to pivot when you look at the enormous Marxist ideological component that has crept into ALL institutions. It started relatively (!) innocent a few decades ago with Keynesianism, QE and ZIRP, affirmative action, welfare, etc, but in the mean time (as we've seen with the Canadian Truckers, the Dutch Farmers, and the Covid Sceptics) the police, intelligence community and the tech giants have been brutally suppressing any dissident who deviates from the official party line. Definitions about what constitutes a recession, a pandemic, natural immunity, a woman, etc, are being rewritten in front of our eyes. Do you think a operating stock market, banks, and "market forces" fits into this New Normal? Ask yourself this: "how many hedge funds or big banks are based in North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, or Albania?" The financial sector needs to be kept on board because the Globalist elites still need them (the carrot) to keep the sheeple quiet, but just like with the "pandemic," they too will NEED to be expropriate with a sudden shock (the stick) that comes out of left field. As Lenin (allegedly) said: "the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we'll hang them."

History has seen many major pivot points, like for example the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the invention of the steam engine, the invention of the internet, the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the post WW2 Western economic boom, or the 1990 collapse of communism. Some of these pivot points happened overnight, some took a few decades to unfold. I think we're in the middle of one, and "in 2030 you'll own nothing and will be happy" is the target that they are working towards.

Now you might say "don't worry, 2030 is still a long way off" but they want to be FINISHED in 2030! That means that they (I suspect the WEF with the CCP as their puppet masters) will have to first demolish the old (with Covid, war, financial chaos), and then start the reconstruction process, which generally takes much longer. Think of it of building a new house: knocking down the old house goes relatively quickly, but prepping the ground, building the foundation, and constructing the new house takes much much longer. IMHO we're in the 'knocking down the old house' phase and the new house has to be finished on Jan 1st 2030. By the way, look at when Covid started: on 1st January 2020, and the WEF's goal is Jan 1st 2030. Doesn't that sound like a communist (CCP?) 10 year plan to you? https://www.who.int/news/item/27-04-2020-who-timeline---covid-19

IMHO the Globalist elites know that we've reached the end of the road of our current hybrid Democratic Socialism model in which taxes on Capitalism finances the Socialism spending and Cultural Marxism pipe dream projects. We now have too much Socialism that Capitalism can finance, so a "Great Reset" is needs. IMHO China will play ball as they probably control the WEF and all the Marxist crap that has been polluting the West for decades. Parallel to the WEF's 2030 Agenda, the Chinese are working towards their own 1st October 2049 Agenda (1st October 1949 was the proclamation of the People's Republic of China, and in 2049 it will be the 'celebration' of 100 years communism after Mao's Revolution) and the Chinese make no secretor of their desire that by 2049 they want to be a global superpower. IMHO, Russia is the biggest unknown factor and obstacle for the globalist elites.

In short: I don't think the Fed will pivot, but I rather think that History will do the pivoting for us...

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By 2030, the PRC will implode or start WWIV or whatever number we’re on. This is a time of great danger. No longer Thucydides’ trap as they are shrinking and hear zenith or past maximum power. Russia is shrinking faster than Japan.all those steppes, nobody to live there. Or an worshiping GOP will install our strongman so we won’t be part of that. First Executive Order by Trump or Desantis will to change status of the bureaucracy and replace them with thei sycophants. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

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Yeah, the PRC will probably implode as most centrally planned BS tends to fail, but unfortunately it won’t stop them from trying though.

Agree with you on Trump, he was the useful idiot as he did a lot of the prep work for the current mess; inflation, vaxx mandates (giving liability immunity to Big Pharma prepped the ground for Biden’s mandates, and was First Class Stupidity on Trump's behalf), war with Russia (he moved US troops from Germany to Poland & Romania, he cancelled the INF missile treaty with Russia), he started tensions with China with his silly and unwinnable trade war, and he prepped the ground for a war between Israel and Iran by cancelling the JCPOA agreement.

Trump was an ‘intermediate’ President, a dumb one-termer who did most of the dirty work, and now that he has served his purpose he will be disposed off. (Mar-aLago FBI raid)

Sure, Trump didn’t start a major war but neither did for example Reagan, except for Grenada and some air raids on Tripoli. However, the enormous defense expenditures from Reagan (and later Trump) prepped the ground for the regime change and “spreading peace and democracy” wars that followed; Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq Part II, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine.

If the US hadn’t had such a huge conventional (!) army thanks to the massive Reagan defense spending, those wars would probably have never taken place. Right now, the US is pumping MASSIVE amounts of Reagan-Clinton-Era conventional weaponry into the Ukraine, but the successive MIC budgets will replace that with more advanced weapons.

Wash, rinse, repeat...but contrary to the 1980's-1990's era, the US does not have a clean balance sheet anymore, and by mostly focussing on relatively cheap defensive weapons, Russia will do the same trick to the US as what Reagan did to the USSR: bankrupt them by an arms race!

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Do you think the Bitcoin movement will put an end to the "Elites" ability to control the money as in times past? What role do you see Bitcoin and Alt-coins playing in post 2030?

Do you see anyone or group at odds with this Global Elite group of actors to control the world? Is anyone trying to stop them? If so, how do you think this can happen?

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Like El Salvador? Why would BTC make any difference? BTC is Digital Nothingness, and IMHO a stepping stone to CBDC fiat currency. It’s a PsyOp to let the sheeple get used to the idea that digital currencies can have ‘value.’ It’s Proof of Work (PoW) by letting computers do complex calculations, and then calling the outcome of those calculations “digital gold.” You might as well let your car idle in the driveway overnight, collect the exhaust gasses in a big bag, and then call those exhaust gasses “digital gold.” Everything about cryptos is a scam to imitate gold; the way they consistently portray BTC as a golden coin with a “B” on it, the way they talk about “miners” and the way they brand it as “digital gold.” It’s a scam designed to undermine gold, and when the big networks like Fox and CNBC make BTC propaganda 24/7 then you can do the rest of the math of who’s behind BTC… p.s. Russia (see below) has everything that the world needs, lots of commodities, so why not make a currency out of that?

When looking at the world’s nuclear powers, the Western powers (France, UK, US, Israel) are stuck in this woke-green left’s New World Order in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, but it’s doomed to fail because it’s built on irrational and hysterical (neo-Marxist) ideology. The Chinese can only keep their population busy by producing consumption goods by using (or stealing!) the blueprints (for computer/smartphone/apparel etc) provided to them by Western companies. Additionally they’ve got a huge bubble in housing and their banking industry. India and Pakistan? Too many mouths to feed, too much debt, no commodities, and they lack industries that are vital to the rest of the world.

IMHO that leaves Russia. They have very little government debt, they have tons of gold + giga-tons of commodities, they have a conservative society relatively unspoiled by Western decadence, they are mostly self reliant with the basics of life (food, energy, shelter) and they have a nuclear arsenal for protection. I’ve been to Russia plenty of times, and it’s not ideal (no country is ideal), but they tick all the essential boxes. IMHO they are the ultimate ‘prepper country,’ nothing luxurious, but they have all the basics. Of course there are plenty of other smaller (Eastern European, Asian, African) countries that have a similar positive attributes, but they LACK a tick in the last box: no nuclear arsenal for self-protection. Hence they will become an easy target for a Soros/CIA “colour revolution” or a proxy war. You can see this in the Ukraine after the 2014 Maidan regime change, and the same goes for smaller Eastern European countries like Romania and Bulgaria. They are enslaved by debt to the EU.

There are some nice smaller Asian countries (Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam) but they are all puppets of China, or dependent on producing Western consumption goods. Same for some African countries like Gabon or Tanzania. Caribbean islands are nice, but mostly unable to be self reliant. Latin America is part of the US Woke Empire and they lack the safety because of corruption, a huge rich-poor division, and drug problems.

IMO it’s a race against time: who will collapse first, and who will be the last one standing? The West? China? Or Russia? I think I’ve answered that question.

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"Who knows if Bitcoin is cheap, how does one even judge it on fundamentals?"

That has always been my issue with any crypto currency. And all the hand wavy "arguments" about why that doesn't matter have left me unconvinced. It's sad that some people went all in and got clobbered but there's a whole lotta cloberring going on these days and no end in sight.

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This we know: The Elites have been buying gold for 20 years. They depressed the price through illegal manipulations, often through the paper market. Court cases confirm this. I can safely say that those Elites do not want their gold holdings to decline in value. I agree that when gold breaks up, it will rocket to lock out any future buys. The Elites want to crush out the little guys in the metals markets and buy it all up for themselves. When the Fed scam is exposed, they will move to lock their gains in. Similarly, the Fed or Treasury, if the Fed goes down, wants to return to a gold backed US currency, they will want the price to go as high as possible to get the new economy under way with confidence in the new currency. That we know is coming. Stick with what you know as it's a good indicator of where we are heading.

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So I do understand that a new Sino-Soviet alliance might back their currencies with gold, but even if they do, why would gold go up in price? They will back it, if they do, at the then current price. So gold is now US$1,775. So whatever this equals in their respective currencies is where they will back it. Why would this go up after they announce the backing figure? To put it another way, if they do this, it will be at the foreign exchange price of U.S.$1,775, which generally means they will buy it or sell it at that price. If they are willing to sell for the equivalent of $1,775, how does gold go to $2,500 or $5,000?

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Gold will go up because a Russian (not “Soviet”)-Sino gold-backed currency will put a floor under the demand for gold. Imagine you want to buy something “Made in Russia or China.” You’ll have 2 options; 1) buying Rubles or Yuan on a free-floating exchange rate (priced relative to the gold price) which will require a certain ratio of gold backing, or 2) also buy the equivalent of gold on the open market and hand that over to the Russians/Chinese because x grams of gold = x Rubles/Yuan. Either way: whether you directly buy Rubles/Yuan backed by gold or you directly buy the gold in lieu of the Ruble/Yuan, this will increase the demand for gold.

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Umm, maybe because the dollar goes down … They arent thinking in terms of dollar price of gold. You are.

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