Me: hey what up with those Clinton Private servers?

FBI: 🤷‍♂️

Me: hey what’s up with those Epstein flight logs?

FBI: 🤷‍♂️

Me: hey what’s up with Hunter‘s laptop?

FBI: 🤷‍♂️

Me: hey what’s up with raiding a former presidents home?

FBI: “Just following orders”

Must be a election year😒

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Where I work everyone has a clearance. The standing joke, getting too old to repeat anymore, after one of several security refreshers per year is that "unless your name is 'Hillary Clinton'...", that you'd be ruined and spend a very long time in jail if you elect to not closely follow the rules.

Her flagrant violation is akin to one of us taking a pile of higher-than secret documents straight into a Russian embassy and then going on Fox to brag about it. Your life would essentially be over.

Then take Hunter Biden... JFC. If my wife were to so much as visit a friendly (to USA) country without it being reported, I'd likely lose my clearance. And I'm just another guy banging out code.

From where I'm sitting, never mind the multitude of greater political minds than myself pointing out just how corrupt the FBI is, this is the government letting us all know -- in case there's any remaining doubt -- they don't follow the law, that's for us. They do as they please and we just suck it up and deal with it.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the federal laws, do not constrain their actions whatsoever. And, by applying their actions so flagrantly to a former president (and even when he was a sitting president), the message is loud and clear -- there ain't shit anyone can do about it.

It's a shame that Orwell is not alive to see this because his follow-on work would be terrifying. Better make sure your T's are crossed and your I's are dotted on your tax returns. Lazy with receipt keeping? Better learn diligence and careful record keeping... real soon.

I mean, unless your a leftist/statist. Then no worries. And don't think about changing your mind now because they already know who's who.

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The raid was about more than classified documents, it was a pretext to enter the home.

Until we see a warrant it is difficult to understand if it was justified. I do not know if the actions taken by the agents (shut off cameras, remove trump's attorneys from the home) are normal.

No transparency will only increase Trumps popularity. Even with full transparency the DOJ and FBI has destroyed its own credibility over the last 6 years, it may be too late for the public (half anyways) to believe anything they say.

The intended outcome of this action is to 1) continue to destroy Trump as person 2) continue to drive a wedge between left/right 3)Demonstrate the government has absolute power as a warning 4) Distract us from everything else thats going on.

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Presumably, the raid was to recover documents (and potentially confidential national security information) that President Trump should properly have transferred to the National Archives at the end of his Presidency in 2021.

Notionally, this makes the raid "legitimate"--by law the paper trail of a presidency belongs to the National Archive, not to the president in question, and certainly confidential national security information should not be floating around unsecured.


The demand to cease routine video surveillance of the property and the insistence that Trump's counsel exit the premises cannot be justified. The FBI agents executing the raid should be suspended, investigated, and fired for such outrageous intrusions on Donald Trump's basic civil rights.

Moreover, the legitimacy of the raid hinges on the propriety of the National Archives' claim on Trump's documents from his time in the Oval Office. Were the documents Trump retained merely copies? Were they items of personal business over which the National Archives has no claim? Had the National Archives sought to retrieve the relevant documents and been rebuffed?

Even if the raid has a notional justification, there is no avoiding its appearance of thuggish heavy-handedness. The event just reeks of government authoritarianism and fascist brutality. The raid looks for all the world as an attempt at intimidation.

While laws should be enforced, enforcement itself should always be done fairly, and with a view towards an even-handed administration of justice, with neither fear nor favor being shown to anyone. Once again, however, we are left to witness the excesses of enforcement.

That's a HUGE problem for everyone.

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The Democrats have a problem with a demoralized base because of failure to deliver much. They need to gin up the base at any cost. That is why they rammed through the BBB bill in the Senate. They have to deliver something. I think that Biden/ Garland ordered their forces to get Trump any way they can and indict him before the Midterms. That will rally the base further. The next thing they must do is forgive a significant portion of student loans, with the teaser there is far more to come after the Midterms, so the base has a motivation to turn out.

Supposedly they already have a Grand Jury over the documents and had for months. They could indict over that now, but they want a stronger case. The worst thing they could do for 2024 is to prosecute Trump and end up with a hung jury. So they are searching for anything they can find. And they probably planted bugs in Melania's wardrobe. Modern bugs can be almost impossible to detect. I'm sure they are searching for documents related to finances and other investigations as well. They might also be searching for passwords and encryption keys. All prosecutors are working together. Letitia James can't raid a house in FL, but the Feds can. That is also why they grabbed a congressman's phone. They are going to indict Trump and sitting members of Congress before the election.

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FBI/DOJ cover up. Don’t forget Trump sued Clinton and Comey and a bunch of others. The documents are no doubt part of the evidence in the lawsuit, especially relating to SpyGate.

This was a DOJ clean up operation. Similar to the Mueller probe. All about trying to destroy the evidence of what Snowden revealed to us years ago. To wit, we live in a surveillance state.

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I'm bored with the story already.

I'm going back to the reading studies about nano lipid mrna shots doing reverse transcription and ruining human DNA.

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The unconstitutional praetorian agencies are clearly the imperial class' muscle. Trump, love him or hate him, has shown himself to be the loose cannon, who can't be easily controlled, unlike the houseplant in the WH now. Funny how carefully the despotic 50.1% have groomed their power since 1913.

Chris M

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Trump is a perceived danger to the left; that shouldn't be news to anyone since his election.

1. I think the raid is tied to preventing him from running again.

2. It seems to me the raid was not justified: they got a former Epstein related judge to sign the warrant. If the raid was all about National Archives documents, it was reported by the Archives that they were working with Trump without issues on returning documents to the Archives so it doesn't look like there was justification on that issue.

3. I think this raid will help Trump, I don't see how the FBI can produce anything that will help their cause unless there's something very big that hasn't been reported anywhere.

I read about this raid last night and watched a Fox news episode about it on Tuesday night. Last night's article said that Trump wasn't given a copy of the warrant. Fox news on Tuesday said a copy of the warrant is always given. That's a red flag I think.

I agree with most of the comments below except for the few who might be blinded by their hatred of Trump.

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Donald Trump getting busted for taking work home... imagine that!

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The left’s co-opting of the FBI and DOJ, their abuse of the constitution, support from MSM and deep ignorance within the electorate surrounding the fundamental breaches of governance, bureaucratic authority, and constitutional rights, are the conditions encouraging the behaviours of democrats. These conditions do not represent a majority so the gloves will be off come November when these actions cost the democrats seats. Unfortunately the next set of conditions contain even less room for cooperation between the parties. This will all get worse unless a strong reasonable leader appears with broad party support.

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Considering he was already cooperating with the DOJ on returning said documents this seems extreme. There better be some smoking gun type evidence or the dem’s just screwed up royally.

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1) Is it possible you're fronting Radical Right Republican taking points? Raid? It was a legally obtained search warrant per the rule of law prices in the USA!

2) Raid is a prejudicial Radical Right Republican term that mis-characterizes a legally obtained search warrant per the rule of law in the USA.

3) The search warrant had the basis in proof required by the rule of law in the USA.

4) #45 refused to acknowledge the results of a free and fair election. He refused to participate in the peaceful transfer of power. He continues to ferment the Big Lie. He deserves to access to public office again!

5) If you want to live in a country with a holliw shell of a democracy left by someone like Putin or Orban, feel free to renounce your US citizenship and move to one of those countries!

6) You're on the Radical Right fringe and seditious, imho.

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Brilliant move by Biden & the Democrats. We are almost 2 years into Biden’s term and it’s Trump 24/7. He is once again sucking all the air out of the room - which is exactly what Democrats and the media want. Trump is Biden’s best shot at re-election - and the GOP will hand it to him on a silver platter. Brilliantly played Dems!!

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Make Orwell fiction again

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a very good 3 part analysis of this situation is available on the Conservative Tree House...it is very detailed and explains historical background...you really have to stick with it when reading and you can draw your own conclusions...

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I thought Andrew Yang's comments on Twitter were refreshing. Essentially admitting that without any explanation of the raid this is an extremely poorly executed tactic on the left's part. It only strengthens Trump's base and the claims they've been making all along. And as you mentioned there are several others (Cuomo included) on the left saying the same thing. When you have your own party's candidates taking the other side in 2022... you know you've messed up!

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So funny to hear the Republicans whine and complain that we live in a Banana republic. Complain about defunding the FBI and calling our institutions to be torn down. They are such hypocrites. If it was a Democrat that the FBI had raided they would be congratulating and supporting the FBI and the DOJ. Telling the public what a great job the FBI I was doing. One way or another all of trumps criminal actions will come to light. I hope for the sake of the country that he is forbidden from holding a federal office.

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During World War II, both Winston Churchill and FDR ordered their airmen to undertake a major operation that had no purpose except to goad their opponent to make a major strategic blunder out of pure anger.

During the Blitz in 1940, German bombers made a navigational error and went off course and dropped a load of bombs on London. This had been forbidden by Hitler, who did not want to escalate the bombing of Britain to include civilian targets out of fear of reprisals by the Royal Air Force. Churchill then ordered the RAF to bomb Berlin in retaliation. Hitler went into a classic Hitler rage. 'On September 4th, he told his people, "When the British Air Force drops two or three or four thousand kilograms of bombs, then we will in one night drop 150, 230, 300 or 400,000 kilograms. When they declare they will increase their attacks on our cities, then we will raze their cities to the ground. We will stop the handiwork of those night air pirates, so help us God! The hour will come when one of us will break and it will not be National Socialist Germany!'

The redeployment of the Luftwaffe to attack London, rather than the previous plan to attack RAF bases, was a massive blunder and cost Hitler any chance to defeat the RAF and attempt an invasion of England.

Similarly, in 1942, when the US Navy was reeling from the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, a plan was hatched for a daring raid to bomb Tokyo. James Doolittle led an incredibly risky attack using B-25 twin-engined bombers sent on a one-way trip to Japan after launching them from a US aircraft carrier. The US Army planes could just barely take off from the carriers and could not land on them, as they required a longer runway to land than the length of the carriers. The bombers did surprise the Japanese and drop a small number of bombs, but the amount of physical damage was minor. The attack had a huge psychological impact, as the Japanese military treated their emperor as a living god and was infuriated and ashamed that their enemy had both the temerity and the ability to drop bombs on the city where he lived.

Their response was a plan to extend the Japanese defensive perimeter by invading Midway Island and using it as a forward base to prevent the USA from launching another such attack. This played right into the hands of the US Navy. The Battle of Midway was the turning point of the war in the Pacific, as the Japanese lost four aircraft carriers and the US lost only one. After that, Japan was doomed to defend, rather than attack, for the rest of the war.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago is the Democratic equivalent of Churchill bombing Berlin or the Doolittle raid on Tokyo. It is psychological warfare that is intended to goad an enemy that has a superior position into changing his plans and thereby adopting an inferior strategy. They desperately want Trump to declare that he is running before the midterms, because the Democrats have nothing to run on that is positive for their side. There is literally not one thing that the Democrats have done during the first two years of the Biden administration that they can brag about. They are strategically bankrupt. Their only hope to avoid a historical defeat, an utter mauling, in the midterms is to make this an election about Donald Trump rather than Joseph Biden.

That's why they launched this raid. It's not about historical documents that were gathering dust in the Trump residence rather than the National Archives. It's not about nuclear weapons. It's about saving the Democrats from the consequences of their own actions by getting America to talk about Donald Trump instead of Joseph Biden, because literally nobody can think of anything positive to say about Joseph Biden.

It would be a strategic blunder for Trump to declare his candidacy before the midterms. He's smart enough to understand this. It remains to be seen if he is wise enough to control his justifiable anger and hold his tongue until November, or if he will make the same change away from a winning strategy that doomed the two main Axis powers in WWII to suffer major, and avoidable, defeats.

More articles on election fraud and reform, and WWII, are available at ensign.substack.com.




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Christopher A. Wray, takes FBI jet for his vacation. No wonder no one believes the Government really cares about being GREEN

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The FBI has been a rogue partisan agency for some time that covers up for Democrats and harasses Republicans. The politics behind this raid are extremely suspect. The partisanship and dishonesty within the FBI raise concerns about their planting "evidence" if they find nothing. This is an assault on democracy itself, much more so than Jan. 6. It may be the birth of the American police state.

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I believe the raid was not justified and just an attempt to throw shit on Trump and that this will help rally opponents to the dems weaponization of the FBI. They are still on the same old witch hunt. Where is the investigation of Hunter Biden?

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The only facts are 1) the FBI "raided" Trump's Florida residence and potentially took away "evidence", 2) this raid was approved by a Judge, who would have looked at the specifics of the case and made a decision and 3) was requested by the attorney general based on some evidence. Everything else including claims of breaking my safe etc. are unsubstantiated claims. There has been no raid on trump thru the last 2 years and so we can say that something must have turned up now. QTR, used to be unbiased and focused on data and finance but seems to be swerving into support of all things conservative. Don't go down the rabbit hole of ZH.

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Lets not let this Mar-a-Lago FBI circus distract us from the fact that the IRS is more than doubling its forces(presently ~80k employees), by adding an additional 87k "auditors." The job description is downright Orwellian. We are a totalitarian country with multiple stasi/cheka-style secret police forces, those federal apparatuses are being actively weaponized against the productive middle class of this country. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

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>Trump signed the law that was ostensibly used as the pretext for the raid(made it illegal to extricate classified documents form the WH or some such legerdemain...)

>Trump appointed FBI director Christopher Wray who oversaw this operation, not to mention the Jan-6 circus.

>Trump appointed the Epstein-affiliated judge who signed off on the raid.

BONUS: Trump didn't pardon any of his supporters who got wrapped up in the Jan-6th operation.

Hate to say it but, HL Mencken was correct: "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it *good and hard*."

Trump had his chance. He hung his supporters and the entire tax-paying portion of this country out to dry, tweeting about "LAW AND ORDER" from his bunker with 50 American cities engulfed in black bloc communist riots. Boo hoo Trump.

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This country is fucked beyond belief. If Trump had done this in the fall of 2020 - after the Hunter laptop story came out (it would have been wrong) and the media would have lost their minds.

This country is on the path of a civil war (i'll bet on the side that has all the guns).

The only hope is a 3rd party that comes out of no where - down the middle and can take over the white house in 2024 because everyone is tired of the Clinton/Obama versus Trump and then they can spend 8 years cleaning up the government and actually try to get everyone to be on Team America versus (Right or Left).

If that does not happen - just split the country in half and have a nice divorce.

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I think it was an attempt to make Trump an unacceptable candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination. The method of doing it was right out of the Nazi playbook. I wish the FBI's methods were legal. I think the Republican leadership was in on it because they don't want Trump to be president again because he's too unpredictable and deep down he wants to end all of our stupid wars. Trump was stupid enough to allow the Republicans to stuff his cabinet full of stupid neocons in the first term but he might smarten up for a second term. It's too bad the other Republican candidates can't put together a coherent campaign to illustrate the fact that Trump was a socialist president. He had $8 Trillion in deficits in 4 years. He badgered the Fed to lower interest rates into negative territory. He has no knowledge of macroeconomics and doesn't realize that his $5 Trillion deficit in 2020 was the cause of the inflation of 2021. We don't need him for a second term, but it has to be done legally and the Democrats don't seem to be capable of doing it.

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There is an economic end game (h/t to Grant Williams and Bill Fleckenstein) and a political end game. Methinks they are converging to create the greatest eruption any of us have ever seen. The Dems are at vanishing point as we approach the mid terms and the FBI are joined at the hip with their political future. We are witnessing an existential crisis for both. This is the end, my friend. The Trumpians (Rather than Trump himself) will rule the political and economic veldt for decades. Buy gold.

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To disqualify him from running again in 2024. Looking for dirt on a rival got the last president impeached

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Donald Trump has the Crossfire Hurricane documents. You know, the ones showing how the government targeted him?

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Late to the party, but it sure seems like a desperate act by partisans.....as did "trump is a russian agent, we have proof" (in 2016...). But the risk was so massive, it was worth a look (back then).

I'll hear out the feds, but we're well into the boy who cried wolf chapters of "get trump".....so the feds have a need for an airtight, massive set of charges or they come across as pure political hacks.

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MAGAs: If they can do this to Trump they can do this to anybody!

Libertarians: They have been doing this to everybody, but NOW you care?!?

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Is there evidence that Trump knowingly illegally acquired these sensitive documents? Is there evidence that a DOJ request for the return of documents was made and rejected?

Is there evidence that there was intent of doing something seditious or traitorous with the documents? Frankly, I don’t know. However, if you are going into this with eyes wide open, it is certainly possible that the answer is yes to all three of those questions. If so, a raid and legal action is appropriate. If all three are hard “no’s”, then the DOJ dun f’d up bad. I’d like to see more evidence either way.

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I'll be the outlier (outliar?) and not comment on the political aspect of this, e.g., "they did it because it's Trump." I refer them to James Comey's off again on again mentions of "Hillary's emails" in the waning days of the 2016 election.

Instead I'm wondering who is the snitch? To have had authority to get in a safe someone knew something was in there that was damning. Melania? Ivanka? Jared, as some have suspected?

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This sets a precedent for a GOP administration to go after Clinton, Biden, Obama, Bush, etc. The gloves are off and the Democrats made that happen. This could have been gamed out by Trump and company for this precise reason.

If the Democrats can't deliver (they won't), the GOP Congress had better get medieval on these scumbags. There will be no bipartisan consensus on anything until the criminals are purged, mainly from the Party of Chaos, but there are plenty of them in the GOP, at least for now.

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The FBI needs to be defunded

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I think the FBI searched for and seized "Crossfire Hurricane" Documentation Trump Had in His possession!

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Well, The Orange Man did set the stage for The Greatest Show on Earth. He was the Ultimate First Clown. But the clowns who have followed lack the comic panache and trip over their own feet even barefoot, before they put on their clown shoes.

“Show us Ivanka’s closet!”

Even The Wicked Witch of the West could not upstage him with her flight to the Antipodal Kansas of Mordor.

And the Middle Earth Flying Monkeys are tired of being flown over.

Hold your Toto tight! This may get bumpy, but it is sure to thrill!

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Merrick Garland is just a common rodent. One among many rodents of the same species. There are more rodents like Garland in the DC swamp than there are rats in all of NYC. Where are all the birds of prey?

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Welp that escalated quickly.😂. All today's comments on this was amusing.

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Did the raid coincide with a Pfizer data dump, like the Russian invasion and the leaked Supreme Court decision?

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First day as President TRUMP .should launch simultaneous FBI Raids at all the residence’s of the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden Crime Familia, Pelosi, & Schumer ,along with BLM, SOROS! Tit for tat, and those panty wearing F.I.B. Agents that took part in that RAID need to be fired, Along with all appointed Democrats & RINOS IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMET! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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I believe the raid was a specious search for so-called 'classified" documents, but instead this was a 'cover' for a desperate search for materials Trump tried but was unable to declassify regarding the DOJ/FBI roles in Crossfire Hurricane, the Russia Hoax and the general effort by the "Deep State' to oust Trump while he was POTUS and now to stop him from running again for POTUS. This was a search that was intended to find and bury that explosive material. The raid was not justified in any respect when compared to similar conflicts with previous POTUS' regarding their retention of their collective materials. As for the possible true motive for the raid, the American public should be told of this activity by these important agencies because they cannot be reformed until the extent of their wrongdoing is exposed. (note: recall the Sen. Frank Church 1970s hearings into questionable activities by the CIA et al, which resulted in important reforms of those entities.)

As to whether this raid on the home of a former POTUS will help or hurt Trump in the primaries and general election: it is unwise to awaken a slumbering giant and fill it with a 'terrible resolve.' This is what this DOJ/FBI gambit has done. It does not matter if the DOB/FBI can produce evidence of a 'crime' or wrongdoing. This raid has forever altered the American political landscape and this cannot be undone. Now we will see what price destiny will ask us to pay. In their single-minded pursuit of Trump's destruction, his pursuers have instead begun the destruction of this nation. God help us all.

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We all know mr trump is a free spirit - however When I worked for a Fortune 500 company for 30 plus years I too was a free spirit and certainly had documents and other tangibles such as photographs, secret technical knowledge, etc as I too had a high profile top secret clearance BUT I also had a contractual responsibility and an agreement to responsibly manage and handle such when and while it was in my possession and for certain it was expected and documented to be returned upon my separation regardless of why or reason we separated.

Yes he had and has a responsibility to treat these assets responsibly which includes returning them without copying and or photographing them to keep as He or anyone else sees fit except with very specific condition(s). Absolutely he has a responsibility to properly care for and return all such assets and should be prosecuted if he fails to comply with his responsibilities. I too had a top secret clearance while I was in the military which my employer subsequently transferred over to me upon employment with such an agreement to protect and return it upon any such status change including my retirement after 30 plus years later.

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bs"d What bothers me is that they raided the First Lady's closet, going through all her clothing. Being that this was ordered by someone who'd done work for an Epstein affiliate, I think it says something about values and attitude. I suspect that they are very angry that, in this age of CRT, a heterosexual couple could be so popular with the public, because it messes up the whole homosexual and transgender narrative, that there can be such a couple in the USA who are actually popular. I think they want to cause personal distress to Mrs. Trump as she was rescued from possibly becoming a victim of the Epstein trafficking ring. I think they want to give her a scare, hoping she will bend and advise Mr. Trump to do things that would undermine the agenda to stop infant-and-child trafficking and reduce the numbers of kidnappings, rapes, and murders of infants, children, and young adults, because these practices, when ritualized, are the main honey pot of many Democrats, something that members of the 'leadership' depend on, which is why they want to make DC into a state so they can change the rules and not have to fly to Bohemian Grove whenever they want this kind of experience, but to get it right in DC, and they are suspicious and furious with the Trumps because they have stood in the way of the Satanic takeover of this country, especially Mrs. Trump. I am scared for her and all infants, children, youth, and women in this country, and I am furious, and I am considering how to possibly give up my last chance of more days in this life to stop it, I just do not know how. The people who perpetrated it are not thinking normally; they must be having adrenochrome withdrawal. Schizophrenia, I have heard, can cause people to make inferior decisions and the decision to raid Mar a Lago including the First Lady's closet was definitely inferior.

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I’ve written a hundred plus search warrants (and affidavits) on a State level and affiliated with numerous Federal warrants as well. What folks don’t realized is, when a Judge reviews the Affadavit, the Judge either signs the warrant or denies it based on Probable Cause. If it gets signed, the Court is essentially “suspending the Constitutional Rights of the Affiant from the time the warrant is executed until the search is complete”! To violate any principles of this procedure, will or can result in a world of hurt to those who were involved in the warrant process (to include; a Civil Rights Violation,Title 18, jail time, civil fines etc!). It’s impossible to write a paragraph on warrants, yet hopefully you get the picture.

When writing an affadavit (to get the warrant) you MUST be very clear on what you seek to find (scope). Old adage, “you can’t look for an elephant in a jewelry box!” And when leaving the site, in Florida, must present the “custodian” of the property a written Inventory of what was taken. This protects both sides……..

Therefore….. I believe it was a fishing expedition and some heads may role! I believe the affadavit was “embellished to obtain the warrant!! Trump had already given them access, complied with their requests and still he got his “door kicked” . I believe we, as a Nation, have reached a turning point, where opposition parties have weaponized agencies to seek out their opponents…..

Nothing good can come from this!!!!!!

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All you need to know about the US-DOJ/FBI:

Why has there been no prosecutions of the Epstein/Maxwell client list?

I think the is the most important question for US realpolitik in 2022.

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The former President is not above the law. The idea that he should declare a run for President in 2024 and therefore he can’t be indicted is ridiculous. After all ‘Joe Blow’ could do the same thing and be safe from a criminal charge. I am 50/50 on the outcome from this. I am certain that Trump has documents that the archives want and he is telling them to pound sand. But are the documents or what he is doing with them a serious criminal matter? 50/50. Did the FBI screw this up? 50/50. They could have made the background about these documents public and tried to coerce him to return the documents to the archives.

I have to give the benefit of the doubt to the FBI and the DOJ. Trump has been a borderline criminal his entire life. That’s why I would not have voted for him ever. I do not respect land developers that rip off everyone that interacts with them.

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The raid was orchestrated by Jamie Gorelick (Jared and Ivankas private attorney and Clinton Foundation lawyer, Pirate of Fannie Mae, 911 Commission chair, Iraq war architect and torture czar.).

Gorelick runs Joe Biden, chooses his appointees, authors his executive orders and protects his crooked family and a lot of others.

Gorelkck was exposed as an agent of Iran and 2010 and in 2015 the USDOJ covered it up.

Proof: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/schlumberger-oilfield-holdings-ltd-agrees-plead-guilty-and-pay-over-2327-million-violating-us

Gorelick was on the SLB board 2002-2010 including the 6 years of wartime treason with Iran, the FBI , USDOJ NSA CIA DOD DIA didn't notice, in all fairness she recommended most of the administrators of those agencies to various Presidents.

This is basically a post coup attack on a ex-President by a foreign govt using American traitors in the FBI and USDOJ after fixing the 2020 election and imprisoning protestors.

But don't take my word, verify yourself, click the link read it then visit the SLB annual reports 2002-2010 here

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