Fringe Forum: What Part Of The "Mainstream" Covid Narrative Do You Think Will Collapse Next?

Today I released an exclusive interview with Dr. Richard Ebright, the Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University and Laboratory Director at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology.

In the interview, Ebright sounds off about how Dr. Anthony Fauci handled questions from Sen. Rand Paul when he denied that the NIH helped fund gain of function research.

Ebright told me exclusively for my interview:

“It is plausible Fauci was unaware of the content of the EcoHealth/WIV grant proposals and progress reports before February 2020. But it is not plausible Fauci was unaware of the content of the EcoHealth/WIV proposals and progress reports after February 2020. Fauci lied - knowingly, willfully and brazenly - in his two exchanges with [Sen. Rand] Paul.”

With Ebright’s confirmation of what many of us already knew, it had me thinking back about how quickly the lab leak theory - once written off as “conspiracy” - turned out to be vastly different than what the mainstream media narrative wanted to portray it as. In fact, I did a whole podcast on it called “Question the Answers”, which you can listen to for free here:

Now, today’s interview has left me wondering what part of the Covid narrative could be next to perform a full 180 degree turn.

What I want to know from my readers: which part of the narrative do you think will fall apart next? What is the lowest hanging fruit?

  1. Will it be vaccine efficacy/safety related?

  2. Could it be the revelation that natural immunity is more robust than the vaccine?

  3. Could it have to do with the statistics on hospitalizations in the U.S. being misleading?

  4. Are their more wrenches in the gears of the lab leak theory coming?

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