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There certainly seems to be a growing trend of people who are adamant they will not be taking any further boosters if they had the first shot, or getting it at all. Ironically, I expect that the flu shot will lose its luster as well given the goal of the shot containing both flu and covid vaccines. but in the end, I suspect that we will all be better off, especially if it becomes clear that their efforts at manipulation have lost their potency

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Oh, we are not vaccine hesitant. We are vaccine risk aware. Dr. Peter McCullough found the perfect words for our aversion.

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This is interesting because I've pointed out the same thing.

Damn near ALL of the focus has been about how to get people to "willingly" take the mRNA vaccines.

The entire vaccine push has been like some creepy ass marketing campaign.

The CDC had already come out with the infection fatality ratios early on, which made selling the vaccines to the public very hard. Their advice was to self isolate, drink fluids, and take Tylenol if your fever was too high. There was never a need for a vaccine, and everyone knew that in the back of their mind.

That's why they tried to trick people. When that didn't work, they tried mandates. When that didn't work, they tried to pit people against one another -- even family members!

It became obvious VERY early on, that none of the COVID-19 response had anything to do with public health.

SARS-COV-2 was sold as this terrible virus, people were falling over in the streets in China! Then the official advice was to self isolate and watch your fever? Everything surrounding COVID-19 was nonsense.

I just don't see how more people didn't realize it.

As soon as they started pushing the vaccines like Crack, I knew something was seriously wrong.

My experience with all this was a little different from most. A few years back around 2015, I was reading about mRNA vaccines on Wikipedia. I was looking at various things surrounding vaccines, because I've always refused the Flu vaccine. They were requiring flu shots to do contract work at a local hospital.

On the Wikipedia mRNA vaccine page, it went on to list all of the intrinsic problems with mRNA vaccines, and how they were unable to make them work correctly in animals, and trials had been stopped because of it.

Fast forward to 2021. I'm trying to show this to my wife, and the page had changed. Not too strange for Wikipedia. I figured, let's look on the Internet Archive, the WayBackMachine. I look there and find that the Wikipedia mRNA vaccine page, only went back to 2020! I remember reading back it in 2015.

The US government was literally trying to rewrite history. That was when there was absolutely no doubt that something sinister was going on. There was, and is, NO WAY my family is going to get some experimental vaccine.

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That's what I began to see too. I initially believed covid was something to be feared. This was from about Dec. 2019 - March or April 2020. By May, I saw that it wasn't what it was said to be: I remember standing in line outside of a hardware store standing 6 ft away from the next person, in a cold Canadian May, thinking that the cold and wind would make me a lot sicker than covid ever would.

In my earlier comment, I said I asked God for guidance when in mid 2021 I began to have doubts about my decision of not taking the shots. As soon as I asked, a friend sent me a video where a young priest said pretty much what you did. He saw that the covid response was first and foremost a political operation. He also said that the role of the catholic church is to save souls, not promote vaccines. For me, that was God saying 'don't do it'. I didn't and haven't waivered since. In fact I write letters, support like minded people and attend protests! Peacefully of course.

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I'm no scientist or math whiz, but I'm concerned about the potential harm done by vaccines. I see all kinds of info on young people with sudden cardiac issues and all kinds of issues. However what do the numbers say? I just read Luke O'Neill's stack today about 'accidents" and heartily recommend it. Setting aside "cause" Fuckery, where are numbers of condition x in vaccinated people vs. unvaccinated people, for many maladies. Are there any? How many vaccinated men 25-50 have cardiac events per 1000 v. unvaxxed?

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Like T Jacobson said, I'm not vaccine hesitant, I'm completely ADAMANT about my refusal to indulge. My first and biggest reason was the aborted fetal tissue issue.

I'd like to add this: long story made short, by summer of 2021, I began to have doubts about my refusal based on the pope, whom I still fairly respected at the time, advocating for them based on 'the greater good'. So I asked God to show me the right path. To summarize, God said don't do it; that's the answer I discerned and no, I don't hear voices!

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