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QTR’s Fringe Finance
RFK Jr. Exclusive: Israel, Inflation, Covid, Gold And Bitcoin

RFK Jr. Exclusive: Israel, Inflation, Covid, Gold And Bitcoin

Treasuries backed by gold and silver, "stopping the war on bitcoin", Biden's "bait and switch" on Israel, why we need spending cuts "very quickly" and much more.

This weekend I had the pleasure of sitting down with independent 2024 Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for an hourlong interview.

What’s inside this exclusive Fringe Finance interview with RFK Jr.:

  • “In democracy, you're supposed to question authority”: What drives the media to paint RFK Jr. in an extremely vile light, as an “anti-vaxxer” and “conspiracy theorist”

  • RFK Jr. reacts to Chris Cuomo admitting he now takes ivermectin and AstraZeneca pulling their Covid vaccine off the market, marking the second vaccine of four primary ones to be pulled off market

  • “Israel’s war is a moral war”: RFK Jr.’s take on Joe Biden withholding military aid from Israel and thoughts on the overall conflict in the middle east

  • Thoughts on China potentially attempting to take Taiwan

  • What does RFK Jr. think causes inflation and how his campaign expects to introduce sound money into our system

  • “Stopping the war on bitcoin”, sound money, gold and silver

  • Potential plans to create a treasury bond backed in part by a gold, silver, bitcoin basket

  • Where does RFK Jr. align best with both primary Presidential candidates?

  • RFK Jr.’s take on bodily autonomy, medical freedom and abortion

Our interview started with me asking Mr. Kennedy why, if you don’t follow the mainstream media narrative, you are automatically painted in a vile and unfavorable light. He told me: “I think a lot of it is driven by, or fortified at least, by financial interests. Upton Sinclair made this very, very useful statement that it's almost impossible to persuade a man of a fact if the existence of that fact will diminish his salary.”

“And we know that the media is dependent on the people that I've been suing and critical of for many, many years: the military-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry, big oil and coal, the carbon incumbents and big polluters, processed food companies like Kellogg's, and the people who are poisoning a generation of American kids,” he continued.

“People who challenge that narrative are outsiders. They become heretics. You cannot debate a heretic; you have to burn them down at the stake. You have to punish them.”

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