Austrian school thinkers are often ostracized as fear mongers or broken clocks - but a wide spectrum of ideas about markets is precisely what all savvy investors should be demanding.
"Rivets are popping. We have seen this movie before. The Fed tightens, things break, the Fed reacts by opening the monetary flood gates and the cycle…
As macro analyst Mohamed El-Erian said, “the Fed slammed on the brakes, and the economy is in the process of going through the windshield.”
I’m extremely excited to bring you today a substantive and engaging look at the world of macro from one of my favorite commentators on markets, Harris…
With Tesla down 54% since I wrote about it in August 2022, many people think it's time to get long. But the market is missing one new serious…
Nothing more than an unelected globalist government slowly emerging behind the curtains, eager to abscond with your rights and tell you how to live…
And, in the process, took a huge step toward dethroning the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency.
For the second time in as many business days, I wanted to write today about developments that reinforce an investment idea I was recently considering.
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